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Mental Health

Eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt may help your mental health

Fermented foods mental health

Mental Health

Mild concussions put kids at greater risk for developing depression, anxiety and ADHD, study finds

Concussions Depression ADHD


Strong parental support lowers the depression risk of young adults, study finds

Parents Young Adults


Hearing aids may help people live longer, but many who need them don't get treated

Hearing Aid Study


Video games like 'Super Mario Odyssey' have the potential to help people with depression, study suggests

Depression Video Games

Mental Health

For many who are suffering with prolonged grief, the holidays can be a time to reflect and find meaning in loss

Holidays Grief Loss

Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s

Senior Health

Medicare expands the roster of available mental health professionals

Medicare Mental Health


New treatment for postpartum depression offers hope, but the stigma attached to the condition still lingers

Postpartum Depression Treatment

Mental Health

People with depression are increasingly taking LSD, and research suggests it may help when used under supervision


Mental Health

Less than half of children with mental health disorders receive treatment, study finds


As the days get shorter, seasonal affective disorder kicks in for many Americans

Seasonal Affective Disorder


John Fetterman talks mental health, international affairs and the Wawa-vs-Sheetz debate with Stephen Colbert

John Fetterman Stephen Colbert

Mental Health

New TikTok feature aims to give users credible information on mental health

Mental Health

As younger children increasingly die by suicide, better tracking and prevention is sought

Child Suicide Prevention


Eating healthy foods can help boost one's mental health

Mental Health Food

Mental Health

As the youth mental health crisis worsens, the dire shortage of providers prevents young people from getting help

Mental Health Teens

Mental Health

Suicide deaths reached an all-time high in the US in 2022, CDC reports

Suicide Deaths CDC

Mental Health

Half of the world's population will experience mental illness by age 75, study says

Mental Illness by 75

Men's Health

Older adults have a higher risk of depression, but exercise can reduce it

Depression Exercise Seniors

Mental Health

Reducing social media usage by just 15 minutes a day improves one's well-being, research suggests

Mental Health

Youth suicide attempts increase during the school year and fall during the summer, study finds

Suicide Risk School Year

Health Stories

With his depression in remission, Sen. John Fetterman vows to 'champion' mental health care

John Fetterman Time


'Bed rotting' has become trendy, but is it a legitimate self-care method?

Bed Rotting Self-Care Trend

Mental Health

Most adults should receive routine anxiety screenings, U.S. task force says

Anxiety Screenings

Mental Health

Can probiotics help with depression? Link between mental health, gut bacteria points to benefits

Probiotics Depression Anxiety

Mental Health

What is somatic therapy? Advocates believe it explores connections between mental health and physical symptoms

somatic therapy

Children's Health

Social media is a driver of youth mental health crisis, U.S. surgeon general warns

Surgeon General Social Media Youth

Adult Health

Chronic pain is more common than diabetes and depression, new study finds

Chronic pain

Mental Health

Smartphone use actually increases when people visit city parks, study finds

Smartphone Use Parks

Children's Health

Teens should be trained on social media before creating accounts, APA says

Social Media Guidelines Teens

Alternative Medicine

As ex-Flyers and other athletes turn to magic mushrooms, pain, hope and science collide


John Fetterman discusses struggle with depression, recovery during 'CBS Sunday Morning' interview

john fetterman interview

Mental Health

People with 'high-functioning anxiety' often mask their struggles. Here's how to spot someone that needs help

High-functioning anxiety


John Fetterman plans to return to U.S. Senate in mid-April following treatment for depression


Exercise can boost mental health – and may be as effective at treating depression as drugs

Exercise mental health

Adult Health

Face blindness can be an isolating and embarrassing condition – and it's more prevalent than once believed

Face blindness


Ketamine has become an at-home treatment for depression, but some scientists say that set-up is too risky

Ketamine treatment

Men's Health

John Fetterman's decision to seek help for depression should be a tipping point for other men to do likewise

Fetterman Depression Stigmas


Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman hospitalized with clinical depression

Children's Health

Teen girls are facing 'alarming' levels of violence, suicidal thoughts, CDC says

Mental health teen girls

Mental Health

Years of exposure to air pollution can increase your risk of depression or anxiety, experts say

Air pollution and mental health

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