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Mental Health

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. – knowing the warning signs could save a life

Warning signs of suicide


A sense of purpose can be hard to find, but it's linked to many health benefits

Sense of purpose


College students are increasingly depressed and anxious – making a mental health checklist may help

mental health checklist

Men's Health

New fathers can get postpartum depression, but their risk factors and symptoms often differ from mothers

Male postpartum depression


Pa. bill to study of psilocybin – the drug in magic mushrooms – as mental health treatment languishes in Harrisburg

Psilocybin mushrooms

Mental Health

Therapy on the go: Mildly depressed or simply stressed, people are tapping apps for mental health care

Cell phone

Mental Health

People with inflammatory bowel disease are at higher risk of depression – and so are their siblings

IBD Depression Siblings

Mental Health

Even a short break from social media can improve your mental health

Social media mental health

Health News

Even half the recommended amount of exercise can help beat depression

Exercise Depression Risk

Mental Health

Mental illnesses may increase risk for COVID-19 breakthrough cases, study finds

mental health breakthrough covid


New Jersey high schools should start later to give teens much-needed sleep, lawmakers say

New Jersey School Start Times

Mental Health

Is social media harmful to teens' mental health? Not necessarily, study finds

Social Media Mental Health


Exercise particularly boosts heart health of people with anxiety or depression, study finds

Exercise Heart Health

Mental Health

Ozone pollution doesn't just irritate the lungs – it's also linked to depression

Ozone pollution depression

Women's Health

First-time moms at greater risk of postpartum depression, study finds

Postpartum depression risk

Children's Health

Having certain health conditions as a teen may accelerate aging as an adult

Smoking and aging

Men's Health

Caught a case of the winter blues? Exercise and eating healthy may help

Winter Blues Exercise

Mental Health

The youth mental health crisis needs immediate action, CHOP doctor tells Congress

Children's Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health

Seasonal affective disorder is more than just 'winter blues'; Here's how to combat it

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Mental Health

Ketamine use for depression remains experimental, but it may reduce suicidal thoughts

Ketamine Depression Treatment

Mental Health

Severe depression changes the brains of women and men differently, study finds

Depression brain women

Mental Health

Quartet Health receives $60 million to improve mental health access

IBX Quarter Health

Mental Health

The psychological toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit mental health providers hard, too

Mental health COVID-19

Children's Health

Schools play key role in diagnosing depression earlier among children

Depression screenings schools

Mental Health

Lane Johnson shines a spotlight on anxiety disorders and the drugs used to treat them

Lane Johnson Anxiety SSRIs

Mental Health

Too much sitting isn't just harmful for our physical health – it affects our mental well-being, too

Sitting mental health

Mental Health

The mental health of American children is at a crisis point, pediatric groups say

Mental Health Children


Eating mushrooms may help prevent depression, study shows

Mushrooms mental health

Mental Health

Fear a loved one is having suicidal thoughts? Here's how to talk about it

Suicide Prevention Talk

Health Stories

'Aunt Mary Pat' comedian urges people battling depression to seek help

Aunt Mary Pat Troy Hendrickson

Healthy Eating

Most Americans are not getting enough dietary fiber — here's how to add it to your diet

High fiber diet


Starting your day an hour earlier could reduce risk for depression, according to a new study

Sleep timing and depression risk

Mental Health

CHOP to provide mental health services to Girard College students

Girard College Philly


Treating eczema requires a more holistic approach, experts say

treating eczema

Mental Health

New behavioral health initiative aims to better address depression, anxiety in Southeastern Pennsylvania

IBX Quartert Health

Mental Health

Feeling lonely? A 10-minute phone call can go a long way

Phone Calls Loneliness Depression

Mental Health

Half of U.S. college students battling anxiety or depression, study finds


How to get help if you’re feeling anxious or depressed

Purchased - Sad and lonely girl sitting

Mental Health

Personalized screenings may help detect teens at risk of suicide, researchers say

Teen Suicide Risk

Healthy Eating

A high-fiber diet does a whole lot more than relieve constipation

Fiber health benefits

Mental Health

Suicide risk five times higher among people with ADHD, study finds

ADHD suicide risk

Men's Health

Optimism can be hard to conjure, but it's a powerful tool for the days ahead

Optimism Benefits

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