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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

COVID-19 renews interest in radiation, but doctors caution against pilgrimages to radon-filled mines

Radon Treatment COVID-19


MDMA may help treat PTSD – but beware of claims that Ecstasy is a magic bullet

PTSD Treatment MDMA

Alternative Medicine

A new form of CBD may offer more potent pain relief and ease opioid cravings

Temple CBD Analog

Alternative Medicine

Insomnia denied as qualifying condition for Pa.'s medical marijuana program

Insomnia Medical Marijuana

Health News

Etsy removes coronavirus products claiming to protect against the illness

Etsy Coronavirus listings

Alternative Medicine

Magic mushrooms may improve depression among cancer patients, NYU study finds

Magic mushrooms cancer depression

Alternative Medicine

Marijuana adversely affects the potency of heart medications, doctors say

Heart medication and marijuana use don't mix, new study says

Health Insurance

What happens when a health plan has no limits? An acupuncturist earns $677 a session

Health Plan No Limits


Marijuana may delay fetal growth during pregnancy, study finds

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Alternative Medicine

FDA warns Pennsylvania CBD company to cease making claims about medical benefits


Alternative Medicine

Using CBD carries 'real risk' to your health, FDA warns

Carroll - CBD oil products at Weaver's Way co-op.

Alternative Medicine

Pennsylvania medical marijuana sales top $500 million in first two years

Medical PA

Alternative Medicine

Cannabis use could help mitigate depression, suicidal thoughts among those with PTSD, study shows

Cannabis PTSD suicide depression

Alternative Medicine

Pennsylvania ACLU sues to allow people on probation to use medical marijuana

ACLU Medical Marijuana lebanon county

Men's Health

This compound found in tomatoes could remedy male infertility

1009_tomatoes sperm infertility

Women's Health

Onion, garlic consumption could help reduce breast cancer risk, study suggests

Onions garlic health

Alternative Medicine

More people use marijuana to treat illness than to get high, study says

Marijuana use study illnesses

Alternative Medicine

$3 million in NIH grants will investigate whether CBD really relieves pain


Alternative Medicine

Temple, other Philly-area health care facilities earn LGBTQ-friendly distinction

lgbtq friendly health care philly

Alternative Medicine

These high-tech bandages use body heat to speed healing, reduce scarring

heat bandage wounds

Alternative Medicine

Ever wonder where generic drugs get their names?

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

Alternative Medicine

Color-changing tattoos may help diabetes patients monitor their levels

color changing tattoo diabetes monitor

Alternative Medicine

With $12 million grant, Penn cancer center to explore new treatments

Carroll - Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center.

Alternative Medicine

Music can be used instead of sedatives to reduce anxiety before anesthesia, study finds

Music anesthesia Penn study

Alternative Medicine

Breakthrough PTSD treatment using party drug MDMA coming soon to Philly region

Carroll - Dr. Samy Badawy

Alternative Medicine

Pennsylvania adds anxiety disorders, Tourette syndrome to medical marijuana program

Medical marijuana anxiety Pennsylvania

Alternative Medicine

Medicare mulls decision to cover acupuncture for lower back pain

Medicare Coverage Acupuncture

Alternative Medicine

These dogs can sniff out lung cancer with startling accuracy

beagle dogs detect lung cancer


These herbal teas have distinct health benefits

Herbal Tea with floral

Alternative Medicine

TSA approves some CBD products for air travel

medical marijuana tsa

Alternative Medicine

Everything you need to know about navigating the world of medical marijuana in Philly

Medical Marijuana Restore Fishtown 052721019

Alternative Medicine

NFL inching toward approving marijuana as pain treatment for players

nfl marijuana pain treatment


Treating heroin use disorder is added to CBD's laundry list, small study finds

Carroll - CBD oil products at Weaver's Way co-op.

Alternative Medicine

The best essential oils for an all-natural anti-itch mosquito bite treatment

essential oil mosquito bite treatment

Alternative Medicine

Lavender is rising through the ranks of anti-anxiety medications

lavender anxiety treatment

Alternative Medicine

The debate over yoga and mindfulness in schools

Kids Yoga 05132019

Alternative Medicine

The birth-tissue profiteers

Embryonic Stem Cell 05122019

Alternative Medicine

Jefferson and Wills Eye center to focus on connections between neuroscience, vision care

eyeball pexels

Alternative Medicine

Does CBD work? Science isn't sure, but Philly-area residents say it's helping them

Carroll - Judy Beck, CBD User

Alternative Medicine

Amid shifting attitudes on medical marijuana, baby boomers are big buyers

Carroll - Seniors using Medical Marijuana

Alternative Medicine

Medical marijuana and CBD are taking off: Can it help you?

Carroll - Medical marijuana and CBD products.

Alternative Medicine

Breast milk ingredient might just be the next big thing in adult supplements


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