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Loneliness epidemic affects half of American adults, but there are many ways to get connected

Loneliness Surgeon General


Why being a Philly sports fan may be good for your mental health

Mental Health

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. – knowing the warning signs could save a life

Warning signs of suicide

Mental Health

Even a short break from social media can improve your mental health

Social media mental health

Men's Health

Breakups can cause inflammation in men, increasing risk of adverse health issues

breakups mens health

Healthy Eating

Eating alone may have negative health consequences, but not all experts agree

Eating alone health effects

Mental Health

Feeling lonely? A 10-minute phone call can go a long way

Phone Calls Loneliness Depression

Mental Health

Adopt creative holiday celebrations to stay connected to family amid COVID

A COVID-19 holiday

Adult Health

Social isolation has many health risks – for women, they include hypertension

Social isolation risks

Mental Health

Quarantine bubbles – when done right – limit COVID-19 risk and help fight loneliness

Quarantine bubble COVID-19


IBX volunteers reaching out to isolated seniors amid COVID-19 crisis

IBX Calls of Kindness


As men age, it's important to seek out new friendships

Male friendships

Mental Health

Working at home linked to increased loneliness, depression

Working at home linked to depression, loneliness

Senior Health

Senior citizens are not experiencing a 'loneliness epidemic'

Adult Health

Millennials more likely to struggle to meet people than older generations, study finds

Millennials Loneliness Social Isolation


Teens have less face time with their friends – and are lonelier than ever

teens silhouette sky 03212019

Mental Health

Always connected with thousands of ‘friends’ – yet feeling all alone


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Combating the loneliness of motherhood


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