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The lasting consequences of school shootings on the students who survive them

School shooting sign

Mental Health

Even a short break from social media can improve your mental health

Social media mental health

Mental Health

Chronic stress can often lead to burnout, but there are effective ways to manage it

Burnout and your health

Mental Health

How do smartphones impact mental health? Google asks Android users to help it find out

Google Smartphone Study

Mental Health

Runner treks 370 miles across Pennsylvania to raise money for LGBTQ+ youth mental health

Trevor Project Runner


Parents play an important role in teaching children how to manage anxiety

Child experiencing anxiety

Women's Health

Staring at an image of yourself on Zoom has serious consequences for mental health – especially for women

Woman Zoom call


People may sleep less as they age, but they still need 7 hours each night, scientists say

Sleep Older Adults

Mental Health

How to protect your family from horrific news images – and still stay informed

ukraine war death imagery

Health News

Even half the recommended amount of exercise can help beat depression

Exercise Depression Risk

Mental Health

Mental illnesses may increase risk for COVID-19 breakthrough cases, study finds

mental health breakthrough covid


Dressing well can inspire confidence, but there can be barriers to finding the 'perfect style'

Clothing Mental Health

Senior Health

Your personality can affect your risk of cognitive impairment

Personality Cognitive Impairment


Pennsylvania tip line created to mitigate school violence finds increase in student mental health issues

AG Report Students


New Jersey high schools should start later to give teens much-needed sleep, lawmakers say

New Jersey School Start Times

Mental Health

Is social media harmful to teens' mental health? Not necessarily, study finds

Social Media Mental Health

Alternative Medicine

Creating music, or simply listening, boosts well-being, research shows

Music Study


Exercise particularly boosts heart health of people with anxiety or depression, study finds

Exercise Heart Health


Five healthy ways to use your PTO when you can’t travel

Purchased - relaxed woman sitting on couch breathing fresh air


The importance of mental health care following a cancer diagnosis

Purchased - Woman suffering from depression and anxiety

Health News

Children's mental health has been getting worse over the last five years, study finds

Children Mental Health

Mental Health

Ozone pollution doesn't just irritate the lungs – it's also linked to depression

Ozone pollution depression

Mental Health

Gun ownership is increasing among Black people in the U.S. Is it driving up Black suicide rates?

Gun Sales Suicide

Mental Health

Conversion therapy increases LGBTQ people's risk of depression, suicide, study finds

Conversion Therapy LGBTQ


Pennsylvania, New Jersey to take part in multi-state investigation of TikTok's influence on minors

TikTok Investigation

Mental Health

LGBTQ youth with eating disorders have increased risk of suicide, study finds

LGBTQ Study Trevor Project

Women's Health

First-time moms at greater risk of postpartum depression, study finds

Postpartum depression risk

Men's Health

Caught a case of the winter blues? Exercise and eating healthy may help

Winter Blues Exercise

Mental Health

An influx of adolescent girls have sought emergency treatment for mental health conditions during COVID, CDC finds

Emergency Department

Mental Health

Compulsive exercise can be a sign of an eating disorder, experts say

Compulsive Exercise

Mental Health

The youth mental health crisis needs immediate action, CHOP doctor tells Congress

Children's Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health

Ready for another pandemic malady? It's called 'decision fatigue'

COVID-19 Decision Fatigue

Mental Health

Seasonal affective disorder is more than just 'winter blues'; Here's how to combat it

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Mental Health

Ketamine use for depression remains experimental, but it may reduce suicidal thoughts

Ketamine Depression Treatment


Everything you need to know about weighted blankets

Purchased - weighted blankets

Mental Health

Suicides by drug overdose increasing among young people, seniors

Suicide by drug overdose

Mental Health

The pandemic changed death rituals and left grieving families without a sense of closure

COVID-19 Death Rituals


The benefits of keeping a mental health journal

Purchased - Woman writing in a journal


Five mental health goals to commit to this year

Purchased - Young woman standing in the sun light

Mental Health

Long-term anxiety may put people at higher risk of heart disease

Anxiety Worry Health

Mental Health

Self-care strategies can help Black people cope with racial trauma, mental health clinicians say

Mental health racial trauma

Mental Health

Severe depression changes the brains of women and men differently, study finds

Depression brain women

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