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Dietary supplements can be dangerously contaminated, UConn pharmacy professor says

Dietary Supplements Contamination


The 'secondhand smoke' you're breathing may have come from another state

Air Pollution Secondhand Smoke

Men's Health

Sex can be a motivator for healthy living, especially after age 50

Sex Life after age 50


'The Goop Lab,' Gwyneth Paltrow's new Netflix series, veers away from science, critics say

Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Lab Netflix Series


Achieve a better you with these healthy resources

Happy woman running on a treadmill


Know no boundaries: Anytime is a good time to embark on a healthy lifestyle

Motivation Plan Healthy Lifestyle

Men's Health

Grandchildren remind us to find magic in the moment – and provide motivation for healthy living

Grandchildren Healthy Living


U-Haul adopts policy to stop hiring smokers, e-cigarette users in 21 states

U-Haul truck lineup


The biggest health trends of 2020 – from sweet potatoes to road races

Biggest health trends for 2020


Nearly half of American adults will be obese by 2030, study says

Adult obesity estimates 2030


Winter often brings achy joints – but it's unclear why

Woman running in winter weather


Most Americans find their jobs stressful – here's how to survive at work

Surviving a stressful job


Five tips for a healthy holiday season

Christmas Tree in Philadelphia Holiday Lights


Bad dreams may help you deal with your fear, study says

Bad dreams benefit emotions


Is spot reduction a myth or a feasible way to lose weight?

Spot reduction: Fact or Myth?

Children's Health

More than 80% of adolescents worldwide don't exercise enough, study finds

Youth exercise study running


Flip holiday rituals into a motivator for healthy behavior

Healthy holiday dinner


Mites, mold and cockroaches among the most common indoor allergens

Most common indoor allergens: Mold, mites, cockroaches and pets


Nike designs Air Zoom Pulse sneaker to better support doctors and nurses

Nike Air Zoom Pulse


The Monthly Migraine: Disabilities need a bigger role in body acceptance

Body acceptance and disabilities - migraines


Potted plants are irrelevant to indoor air quality, Drexel researchers say

Drexel potted plants air


Getting enough sleep is crucial to people with chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation and chronic diseases


Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression at millennial health forum

Lindsey Vonn depression mental health forum


Healthy living: A gift to yourself – and the next generation

Healthy Running Men's Health

Mental Health

Four-day work week increased productivity by 40%, Microsoft says

Four-day work week productivity burnout


Is daylight saving time bad for our health?

daylight saving time health


Happiness is the X-factor in your health

happy healthy live longer

Healthy Eating

Healthier diets are usually also better for the environment, study shows

Food fruit vegetables environment study


Eating one avocado per day can reduce bad cholesterol, study says

Avocado on cutting board


Three reasons you should limit your screen time

Teenage Girl reading Text Message stock photo


Heyday, a beautiful facial shop, is now open in Rittenhouse

Heyday skin care


Almost half of Americans take health, wellness advice from social media – but should we?

social media health advice


Five must-visit outdoor destinations around Philadelphia

Riding Bikes around Philly trail


Beautify Philly's parks on 'Love Your Park' service day

Love Your Park Fall Service Day

Healthy Eating

Controversial 'red meat is healthy' study author didn't disclose past food industry ties

Red meat trade group study


Find the mattress of your dreams at the B. PHL Innovation Fest

Find mattress of your dreams


High lead levels during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity lead exposure

Healthy Eating

Tea bags could be releasing billions of micro plastics into your cup of tea, study says

Tea bags micro plastics

Adult Health

New Jersey has the fifth-lowest rate of adult obesity in the country, study says

New Jersey obesity rate runner

Children's Health

American Heart Association equips Philly School District with CPR kits

Stock_Carroll - The School District of Philadelphia


Microplastics in drinking water likely do not pose a health risk at current levels, WHO says

microplastic contamination drinking water


Free health screenings for Camden residents in September

camden health forum