Al Morganti

Al Morganti

Al Morganti is a co-host on The WIP Morning Show and a nationally renowned NHL expert, providing news and analysis on the Flyers for Comcast SportsNet. Morganti’s background includes serving as a Flyers beat reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, a hockey analyst on ESPN and a hockey news columnist and regular contributor to SportsNet 960. He also wrote for The Boston Globe and The Atlanta Constitution. Follow him on Twitter @nufced

April 10, 2018


Flyers will have hands full with Penguins, but here's how they can dethrone the champs

The key to the Flyers' chances against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first-round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is a guy named Shayne Provosbehere – or is it Ivan Ghostorov?

March 27, 2018


The future has never been brighter for Philly sports fans

The new normal in Philadelphia sports is something to behold, and it stretches well beyond the geographical limits of the city and its surrounding area.

March 20, 2018


In town full of teams on the rise, Phillies out to prove they're no different

Whatever happened to the theory that once the Eagles won the Super Bowl the city was supposed to enjoy a stretch of nothing but winning and warm sunny days?

March 14, 2018


From free agency to Tiger to Philly's changing of the guards, it's a strange time to be a sports fan

It sure looks like general manager Matt Klentak has accelerated the rebuilding process after borrowing more than a few million dollars from John Middleton's cigar box and signing veteran ace Jake Arrieta to a deal that, when all is said and done, could be worth $135 million over the next five years. That's Sam Bradford money...

March 6, 2018


The stars of the Olympic Games: American women

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea have been over for more than a week, but the victory tour for the U.S. Women's Hockey team is still in full swing.

February 27, 2018


A big test is coming, but red-hot Flyers showing no signs of slowing down

About two weeks ago, the biggest question surrounding the Philadelphia Flyers was whether or not they could even make the playoffs.

February 20, 2018


While you were celebrating, the Flyers were dominating the NHL

Things are rapidly changing around the sports scene in Philadelphia and the Eagles' rise to the championship might just be the trumpet sound of better things to come around the entire calendar.

February 13, 2018


With all due respect to Lane Johnson, the Eagles were so much more than just the fun bunch

In the world of sports, the difference between winning and losing, the difference between being perceived as a champion or a failure, the difference between glory and agony can be as thin as a cornflake.

February 6, 2018


These Eagles wrapped their arms around their fans and never let go

It is no small deal that there will be some free beer available Thursday at the Eagles Super Bowl parade, and it has nothing to do with the virtues of alcohol.

January 30, 2018


Tom Brady is the greatest ever, but time is on Eagles' side

Time waits for no man, and that includes a guy named Tom Brady.

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