Angelo Cataldi

Angelo Cataldi

Angelo Cataldi is a local radio personality widely known throughout the Philadelphia region for his anchor role on The WIP Morning Show, where he covers all things Philly, including sports, entertainment, morning traffic and many other topics of interest to local radio audiences. A member of the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame, Cataldi is also a Pulitzer Prize-nominated sports writer and co-author of “The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate.” 

January 22, 2018


The three biggest 'dogs at the Linc Sunday night were Pederson, Roseman & Foles

Built by Howie Roseman, coached by Doug Pederson and led by Nick Foles, the 2017-18 Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

January 15, 2018


Whatever happens, these Eagles have already earned our forever

This time, it was personal. The Eagles won a riveting, frightening NFL playoff game for the first time in nine years on Saturday night, and in every seat at Lincoln Financial Field, in bar stools throughout the Delaware Valley, and on couches everywhere else, it was personal.

January 8, 2018


The Eagles will beat the Falcons and Nick Foles will be a big reason why

The best thing about having a bye in the first round of the NFL playoffs is watching other teams flop before your own team takes the field. The worst thing is what we are all enduring right now, the incessant clatter of negativity from people who have already demonstrated they are clueless about the Eagles.

January 1, 2018


The bests and worsts of the 2017 Philadelphia sports year

With 2017 now officially behind us, the only thing left to do is crown the winners and losers in a year that brought us some bright new hopes for 2018, and the usual frustration from the many bad acts in Philadelphia sports.

December 26, 2017


While you were panicking, the Eagles were actually, you know … winning

In the 86-year history of the Eagles, only two teams have ever won 13 games in a season. You’re watching one of them right now. So why is everybody treating the latest adventure, a 19-10 win Monday night over Oakland, like an ugly Christmas sweater? When did we all become art critics instead of football fans?

December 18, 2017


After recent disappearing act, Eagles defense needs to find itself – or else

The Eagles performed a magic trick yesterday in the Meadowlands. While everyone’s eyes were glued on one player, quarterback Nick Foles, 11 others disappeared.

December 11, 2017


Wentz injury a devastating gut punch as dream turns into nightmare for Eagles fans

When the game was finally over, when the Eagles somehow had fulfilled the dream of thousands of fans who traveled 6,000 miles round-trip to cheer on their team, there was only a fleeting sense of exhilaration. The truth is, no one knew how to feel. Normally, ambivalence is not in the DNA of Philadelphia sports fans.

December 4, 2017


Once again, Eagles are on the wrong side of a Tony Corrente-reffed game

At the risk of coming across as a spoilsport or even a crybaby, I feel an obligation to dedicate the top of today’s column to the atrocious officiating last night of veteran NFL referee Tony Corrente and his abysmal crew.

November 27, 2017


Enjoy Jim Schwartz while you can because he won’t be here much longer

Jim Schwartz was stone-faced on the sidelines when the TV cameras caught him several times during the Eagles’ 31-3 drubbing of the Chicago Bears on Sunday, no small achievement for a coach best known for a near-brawl after a game six years ago.

November 20, 2017


Philly has gone from hoping for an Eagles title to expecting one

Before the start of the Eagles’ 37-9 romp over the Cowboys on Sunday night in Dallas, Al Michaels was fantasizing about an NFL championship in Philadelphia.

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