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February 23, 2015

Bucks County releases PSA about heroin

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02232015_HeroinKills Screen Shot/Bucks DA via YouTube

In Pennsylvania, drug overdoses kill more people than car crashes

Bucks County has released a public service message in the hopes of putting a stop to heroin addiction after a number of untimely deaths caused by overdoses.

The public service announcement, “Heroin Kills,” features two videos - a 60-second PSA, followed by a detailed testimony featuring a mother, "Maggie," whose daughter is addicted to heroin.

Filmed by students and teachers of Bucks County Technical High School and media specialist Frank Goldstein, "Heroin Kills" was shown to students on Feb. 19 to launch the campaign. Goldstein is a Bensalem resident.

Bucks County saw a 4.6 percent increase in the number of addicts seeking treatment services in 2014, according to District Attorney David Heckler. 

The videos will be distributed for viewing in area schools and other venues to educate the public about the tragic consequences of heroin use.