Odd News

Odd News

Traveling dog backs up Philly traffic on I-76

Stock_Carroll - Traffic on I-76

Odd News

How a flying hot dog from the Phillie Phanatic gave one fan a black eye

phillie phanatic hot dog machine

Odd News

Burger King rethinks provocative 'free Whoppers for life' offer to Russian women

Burger King


What color is your aura? This company will tell you


Odd News

Those small, venomous clinging jellyfish have returned to the New Jersey coast

Clinging jellyfish

Odd News

What the heck happened to this Center City trash can?

Carroll - Burned Trash Can


Senate candidate, Philly native releases campaign ad with literal dumpster fire

Richard Painter Dumpster Fire


Interactive show draws audience to Italian Market for mozzarella, mobsters and mania

Carroll - The Italian Market Project

Odd News

City sold 'cheap' ad space on hundreds of trash cans and people are starting to complain


Odd News

Water slides and giant pirate statue up for auction in Pennsylvania

Terry Hill Water Park

Odd News

'Batman' paints over graffiti in Philly suburbs

Bucks County Batman

Odd News

Raccoon scales office tower in Minnesota, Internet cheers it on


Odd News

Alleged pooperintendent's lawyer wants to see the whole poop video

Poop Emoji

Odd News

Pennsylvania woman claims pulling knife at CVS was 'social experiment'

DeAngelo Rosario

Odd News

Yes, it's illegal to sell your pee to someone to pass a drug test in New Jersey


Odd News

'Stupid' job opening in Philly: Tell PPA to leave us alone

Parking Tickets data

Odd News

Viral video shows mice in buns at Delaware Burger King

Burger King


Florida woman shaves legs in public pool, grosses out world


Odd News

3 World War II grenades found in Delaware State Park


Odd News

Bride loses bet, groom gets to wear Eagles jersey to his wedding

Groom wears Eagles jersey to wedding

Odd News

Escaped peacocks from Philadelphia Zoo head for the highway, fly from police

Carroll - The Philadelphia Zoo

Odd News

Pottsgrove High School students face charges for live chicken prank


Odd News

Horse at the Devon Horse Show makes a run for it

Devon Horse Show

Odd News

How two Drexel students won elected office by writing in votes for themselves

Matthew Clewley


Police: 20 mysterious explosions over two months in Bucks County


Odd News

Man in Delco bar brags about allegedly robbing bank, gets arrested in bar

casey's bar drexel hill

Odd News

Woman mistakes bobcats for house cats


Odd News

Bridge malfunction backs up traffic for hours, just in time for Memorial Day weekend

traffic in michigan

Odd News

Apparent shrimp thief on the loose in Philly


Odd News

En route to Philadelphia, service dog gives birth to seven puppies in Tampa airport

Tampa dog birth

Odd News

Pennsylvania woman who swiped identity from tombstone IDed as suspect in missing person case

Kessler and Cummings


What people miss most about Philly (other than food)

Carroll - Citizens Bank Park

Odd News

Penn commencement speaker explains why failure is like farting

Dr. Vanessa Chan

Odd News

Woman gets jury summons for her late brother 14 years after his death

Jury Duty stock

Odd News

Grocery store censors 'Summa Cum Laude' to 'Summa --- Laude' on graduation cake

Summa cum laude cake

Odd News

Pennsylvania police clarify that there are no zombies

Zombies Pennsylvania

Odd News

'The dress' is back, in audio form, with 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel' debate

yanny vs laurel


Philly movie theater reopens after mysterious, 'unexpected' closure

Ritz East movie theater

Odd News

American Airlines bans hedgehogs, goats and other comfort animals from flights

Stock_Carroll - Philadelphia International Airport

Odd News

Philly sample ballot pits Carson Wentz vs. Nick Foles in U.S. Senate race


Health News

This guy almost died from biting his fingernails

Biting fingernails

Odd News

Dr. Dre just lost trademarking battle against Pennsylvania OB-GYN Dr. Drai

dr dre vs dr drai

LeBron James

Phillies minor league team to LeBron: Come play baseball

LeBron James IronPigs


Entenmann's is taking applications for the sweetest side hustle ever

entenmann's donuts

Odd News

Roadside America employees launching campaign to save Pennsylvania attraction

Roadside America

Odd News

A possible Bigfoot sighting reported in South Jersey

Bigfoot new Jersey