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May 17, 2017

Back in the day: 38 years ago today, Phillies and Cubs combined for 45 runs

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051717-Phillies-Cubs_APLarry Stoddard/AP, File

Chicago Cubs third baseman Steve Ontiveros reaches with a late tag as Philadelphia Phillies Bob Boone dives for third during the third inning of the Phillies' 23-22 win over the Cubs on May 17, 1979.

When the Phillies and Cubs met at Wrigley for the finale of a three-game series on May 17, 1979 – exactly 38 years ago today – the wind must have been blowing out.

The two teams combined for 45 runs and an astounding 50 hits in the 10-inning game, which the Phillies won 23-22. It remains the second highest-scoring game in MLB history. And you'll never guess who the other one featured...

That's right, the Cubs and Phillies – 57 years earlier (August 25, 1922) the two teams combined for 49 runs in a 26-23 Cubs' win.

Since the game took place before the advent of SportsCenter, ESPN ran the highlights on Tuesday morning, and Philly guy Kevin Negandhi was on the call. Take a look:

And because it's something you really need to see to believe, here's a look at the boxscore, courtesy of baseball-reference.com:



B. McBride, RF82310-2
L. Bowa, SS84510-02·2B, SB
P. Rose, 1B74341-02·2B
M. Schmidt, 3B43244-02·HR, 2·IW
D. Unser, LF71120-2SF
G. Maddox, CF43440-0HR, 2·2B
Greg Gross, PR-CF21110-03B, SF
B. Boone, C42352-0HR, 2B, HBP, 2·IW
R. Meoli, 2B50102-2SB
R. Lerch, P11110-0HR
D. Bird, P11001-1
G. Luzinski, PH00001-0
N. Espinosa, PR11000-0
T. McGraw, P00000-0
R. Reed, P00001-0
T. McCarver, PH10000-0
R. Eastwick, P00000-0

R. Lerch0.15550-01
D. Bird3.28440-22
T. McGraw0.24743-12
R. Reed3.19660-01
R. Eastwick20000-10


I. de Jesus, SS64311-12B
M. Vail, RF52310-0
R. Burris, P00000-0
S. Thompson, PH-RF21100-0
B. Buckner, 1B72470-0HR
D. Kingman, LF64361-13·HR, GDP
S. Ontiveros, 3B72110-1HR
J. Martin, CF62330-0HR, 2B
B. Sutter, P00000-0
B. Foote, C61310-02B
T. Sizemore, 2B42210-0
B. Caudill, P00000-0
B. Murcer, RF-CF20100-0
D. Lamp, P00000-0
D. Moore, P10110-03B
W. Hernandez, P10000-1
S. Dillard, PH-2B12101-0
L. Biittner, PH10000-0GDP
M. Kelleher, 2B10000-0

D. Lamp0.16660-02
D. Moore26772-11
W. Hernandez2.27867-11
B. Caudill1.13112-30
R. Burris1.21000-10
B. Sutter21111-11

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