Public Health

Public Health

Penn study: Improvements in U.S. mortality rate offset by obesity

Buffet Line


Pa. GOP hopeful claims Wolf's opioid disaster declaration infringes on gun rights

Scott Wagner GOP Pennsylvania


Inside a private eye's search for a teen heroin addict in Kensington

Carroll - Private Investigator Searches for Missing Teen in Kensington

Public Health

Pennsylvania declares disaster emergency for heroin, opioid epidemic

Opioids pills needles


Kensington is worst nightmare for family of runaway daughter

Carroll - Private Investigator Searches for Missing Teen in Kensington

City Services

Philly creates overdose response unit to address addiction crisis in Kensington


Public Health

Pennsylvania Sheetz store installs blue lights in bathroom to ward off drug use

Sheetz Store

Public Health

In Philly, he wages war on a never-ending tide of rats


Public Health

Philly's lingering summer weather could mean higher crime rates, research suggests


Why isn't hand sanitizer more widely used?

Odd News

'Welcome our new insect overlords': Flying ants spotted in swarms across Philadelphia

Public Health

Tainted water has cost South Jersey town at least $5.5M over two years

Moorestown water

Public Health

Longport residents: Rabbit poop is dangerous and making our lives miserable


Public Health

State judge halts beach dunes project in Margate

Public Health

Back to court: Margate wants judge to reconsider botched beach dunes plan

Public Health

Ooops! Army Corps drains one Margate beach swamp, creates another

Dune ponding


Margate official: Dune-building work creating 'cesspools' on beach

Dune ponding


Friday: Another day of summer swelter – and excessive heat warnings

Stock_Carroll - Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philly Skyline


Menacing tick with risk of human meat allergy observed in Pennsylvania



Pa. utility commissioner: Climate change may require subsidized cooling

Health Studies

Involuntary paralysis prevents many rape victims from resisting, study finds

Public Health

A new Zika threat hovers as summer’s mosquitoes get bzzzzy


Wildwoods weighing smoking ban, big fines at Jersey Shore



Public restrooms become ground zero in the opioid epidemic


Drexel researchers: Data management can save fire departments money on injuries

Public Health

Philly violence rises with density of alcohol merchants, study finds



$1.5M award will ease LGBTQ center's move to bigger home off South Broad



Regulators: Pediatrician concocts vaccines with cat saliva, vodka

Public Health

Penn study: 1 in 9 who enter ER with violent injuries return within two years


Does your Philly tap water smell like moldy lemons?

Water Quality

Rowan University tells students 'Do Not Drink' water from campus faucets


Author: Things I wish I’d known before my daughter became addicted to heroin

Soda Tax

Study: Sugary drink consumption dropped after soda tax – by a lot

Philly Soda Tax


Philadelphia taking fentanyl fight to the streets

Public Health

Community Health Explorer tool visualizes Philly by neighborhood

Carroll - SEPTA 23 Bus

Public Health

'Crypto' parasite fears prompt closure of Montgomery County pool


Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania issues progress report on Medical Marijuana Program

Medical Marijuana

Public Health

Mini-Jaws target South Jersey mosquitoes

Fathead minnow


Tiny clinging — and stinging — organism invades Jersey coast

Clinging jellyfish

Soda Tax

Food Trust statement on soda tax advocates more water fountains at Philly schools



No more harm: Gun violence is a public health crisis

Public Health

Melanoma surge in New Jersey likely tied to beach exposure

Public Health

NARCAN will soon be available at all ACME Markets in Pennsylvania



Harvard study: Philly's soda tax would save $197 million in health-care costs

City Council

Philly residents urged to speak out on heroin, opioid crisis

Drunk Driving

Penn study finds one way to reduce drunk-driving deaths by 15 percent