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Ask Hickey: What's the deal with the swastika on a suburban firehouse?

Glenside Fire Station

What do flat Earthers think about Monday's solar eclipse?


Can we please move on from 'Worst Beach People' to 'Best Beach People'?



Turns out there's more than 12 worst types of beach people

Jersey Shore

Ask Hickey: Who are the worst kind of people to be around on the beach?

mtv beach house

Ask Hickey: Should Philly tear down any statues like New Orleans did?

Rocky Statue

Ask Hickey: Are people who wear blank caps and sunglasses totally shady or what?

Shady dude

Ask Hickey: When will the Phillies be as good as the defending-champion Cubs?

Cubs World Series Parade

Ask Hickey: Do you owe DaddyOFive an apology for lost YouTube revenues?


Ask Hickey: Should I cede my right of way to 'sidewalk mafias'?

Carroll - Students Walking on Chestnut Street

Ask Hickey: Can I wear a green Phillies hat if I'm not Irish?

Green Phillies hats

Ask Hickey: Ranking the Constitutional amendments

National Constitution Center

Ask Hickey: What is the most rewatchable movie of all-time?

Flying cars

Ask Hickey: Is it cool to lie to get out of jury duty or nah?

Jury Duty

Ask Hickey: Is it wrong to enjoy global warming's perks or nah?


Ask Hickey: How old's too old to go on a bar crawl?

Erin Express

Ask Hickey: The meat eaters vs. vegetarian war rages on!

Carroll - PETA Green Beauties in Center City

Ask Hickey: This is the right way to put on your shoes and socks

Shoes, socks and stockings

Ask Hickey: What's the deal with bicyclists riding on Kelly Drive?

Carroll - Cycling on Schuylkill River Trail

Ask Hickey: Should Philly be more embarrassed of the Mummers or Wing Bowl?


Ask Hickey: What's the deal with that annoying nail-clipping sound?


Ask Hickey: Don't buy someone's kid a toy gun because of a Facebook beef, folks

Toy guns

Ask Hickey: Should side pieces run obits to honor their married lovers?

Puppy in the snow

Ask Hickey: Was Meryl Streep right about sports not being art?

Sports as Art

Ask Hickey: Who cleans up after guide dogs?

Guide Dog

Ask Hickey: Would you rather be a whale or transcribe Trump's thoughts?


Ask Hickey: Yule need advice for the Christmas holiday

Surveillance State Santa

Ask Hickey: What to expect from life in a newly minted 'Red State'

Red State question

Ask Hickey: Is chili a soup or a stew?


Ask Hickey: Enough is enough with the ugly wallpaper


Ask Hickey: Unicorns, Lionel Messi and Philly's worst traffic lights

Unicorn etymology

Ask Hickey: Is the job I start next week the best job in the world?

Letter carrier

Ask Hickey: Dog poop disposal, roadside memorials and breaking 108-year losing streaks

Dog Poop Trash Can

Ask Hickey: Honking at golfers, fantasy football justice and the fall of American fatherhood

Angry Golfer

Ask Hickey: Bottle service, intergalactic ham recipes and the World Series

Bottle Service

Ask Hickey: How 'stay woke' got whitewashed

Remote controls

Ask Hickey: Should I bother going to college or nah?

College students

Ask Hickey: At least the Philly Zoo didn't name the baby gorilla 'Mummers'

Smoke detectors

Ask Hickey: How to handle bad drivers, parents, robots and candidates

Parent and child fighting

Ask Hickey: Neighborly tact, workplace relationships, fashion and burner phones

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