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Can we please move on from 'Worst Beach People' to 'Best Beach People'?



Turns out there's more than 12 worst types of beach people

Jersey Shore

Ask Hickey: Who are the worst kind of people to be around on the beach?

mtv beach house

Ask Hickey: Should Philly tear down any statues like New Orleans did?

Rocky Statue

Ask Hickey: Are people who wear blank caps and sunglasses totally shady or what?

Shady dude

Ask Hickey: When will the Phillies be as good as the defending-champion Cubs?

Cubs World Series Parade

Ask Hickey: Do you owe DaddyOFive an apology for lost YouTube revenues?


Ask Hickey: Should I cede my right of way to 'sidewalk mafias'?


Ask Hickey: Can I wear a green Phillies hat if I'm not Irish?

Green Phillies hats

Ask Hickey: Ranking the Constitutional amendments

National Constitution Center

Ask Hickey: What is the most rewatchable movie of all-time?

Flying cars

Ask Hickey: Is it cool to lie to get out of jury duty or nah?

Jury Duty

Ask Hickey: Is it wrong to enjoy global warming's perks or nah?


Ask Hickey: How old's too old to go on a bar crawl?

Erin Express

Ask Hickey: The meat eaters vs. vegetarian war rages on!


Ask Hickey: This is the right way to put on your shoes and socks

Shoes, socks and stockings

Ask Hickey: What's the deal with bicyclists riding on Kelly Drive?


Ask Hickey: Should Philly be more embarrassed of the Mummers or Wing Bowl?


Ask Hickey: What's the deal with that annoying nail-clipping sound?


Ask Hickey: Don't buy someone's kid a toy gun because of a Facebook beef, folks

Toy guns

Ask Hickey: Should side pieces run obits to honor their married lovers?

Puppy in the snow

Ask Hickey: Was Meryl Streep right about sports not being art?

Sports as Art

Ask Hickey: Who cleans up after guide dogs?

Guide Dog

Ask Hickey: Would you rather be a whale or transcribe Trump's thoughts?


Ask Hickey: Yule need advice for the Christmas holiday

Surveillance State Santa

Ask Hickey: What to expect from life in a newly minted 'Red State'

Red State question

Ask Hickey: Is chili a soup or a stew?


Ask Hickey: Enough is enough with the ugly wallpaper


Ask Hickey: Unicorns, Lionel Messi and Philly's worst traffic lights

Unicorn etymology

Ask Hickey: Is the job I start next week the best job in the world?

Letter carrier

Ask Hickey: Dog poop disposal, roadside memorials and breaking 108-year losing streaks

Dog Poop Trash Can

Ask Hickey: Honking at golfers, fantasy football justice and the fall of American fatherhood

Angry Golfer

Ask Hickey: Bottle service, intergalactic ham recipes and the World Series

Bottle Service

Ask Hickey: How 'stay woke' got whitewashed

Remote controls

Ask Hickey: Should I bother going to college or nah?

College students

Ask Hickey: At least the Philly Zoo didn't name the baby gorilla 'Mummers'

Smoke detectors

Ask Hickey: How to handle bad drivers, parents, robots and candidates

Parent and child fighting

Ask Hickey: Neighborly tact, workplace relationships, fashion and burner phones

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