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September 02, 2016

Eagles 14, Jets 6 video rewind

It can be hard to get excited for the final preseason game, which is why Beau Allen kicked things off with a little Nature Boy:

Lane Johnson couldn’t get up for this contest, and the Eagles starting right tackle has no idea when he’s going to get suspended:

And as you’ll see in this review of Thursday night’s Eagles-Jets contest, bad football doesn’t mean bad GIFs:

First quarter

Marcus Smith made a very nice play early in the game:

There’s DGB, in the game to further familiarize himself with the offense, making back-to-back first down catches:

Speaking of first downs, all Paul Turner does is catch passes:

Unfortunately for the Eagles, Chase Sanchez then showed up:

JaCorey Shepherd got toasted on this play by Temple product Robby Anderson:

(The Jets wouldn’t score once after this play, as it was officially Hackenberg time.)

How dare Ed Reynolds get fired up after a big hit!

Second quarter

Chase Daniel threw his second pick of the game, but more importantly for GIF purposes, he was planted into the ground

It was generally a relaxing night for the starters. Here is Fletcher Cox trying to ruin Bennie Logan’s sideline interview by dabbing and then giving Logan a wet willie:

Doug Pederson was pretty fired up after the big play, and so was Turner:

Third quarter

Not too much happened in the last 30 minutes, but the best GIF of the night came right after halftime:

Eric Rowe got an earful from Mike Mayock up in the booth for not getting his head turned around on this play:

Put that ball away, McLeod:

Aziz Shittu, rolling dice after making a tackle for loss in the backfield:

Christian Hackenberg, second-round pick, could not hit the broad side of a barn last night. Ed Reynolds benefitted from this horrible throw:

Bennie Logan just couldn’t stand for someone dabbing on him, so he decided to do it to Zach Ertz:

This throw was Hackenberg’s night in a nutshell:

Who said we wouldn’t get a chance to watch Carson Wentz?

Fourth quarter

It wasn’t a perfect night for Turner. I’m not sure I have ever seen a fair catch at the 2:

….. And the preseason finally ends on another terrible Hackenberg throw!

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