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October 18, 2016

Trusting the Process - Holt’s Cigar Company

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Holt's Cigar Company

“Slow down!” Of the many lessons passed on by our fathers and grandfathers, the admonishment to slow down, and enjoy life is almost universal. It’s a lesson that often takes age and wisdom to absorb. Fathers remind us of the value of time because they understand that true satisfaction is not experienced by rushing, but rather by appreciating the finer things that life gives us.

All the better when those tokens are as timeless as the lesson itself.

For five generations, these same lessons have been passed down – father to son – at Holt’s Cigar Company, of Philadelphia. 2016 marks 118 years of delighting customers, meaning Holt’s is now a tradition whose longevity is rivaled maybe only by the Phillies. That a company can not only survive, but also thrive, over this period of time is a credit to a consistent value that has been in place since day one: luxury. That's true of both the premium cigar selection and the attention to customer service that define the in-store and online experiences provided by Holt's.

This commitment is the hallmark of a visit to Holt’s Cigar Company and envelops both cigar aficionados and novices like the rich aroma of tobacco that perfumes the air of their locations in Center City or Northeast Philadelphia. Delivering a luxurious experience demands passion, which is why Holt’s is involved in every aspect of the experience: from the moment a leaf is picked to the second when a customer selects their favorite cigar from one of America’s largest walk-in humidors. The process at Holt’s is not rushed – when you have been at something for 118 years, you know to take dad’s advice: relax and enjoy the fine things.

Of course, it’s important to remember another one of your father’s maxims: change is the only constant (other than luxury!).

The soothing sensation of drawing in a lit cigar’s first puff of smoke is timeless, but Holt’s has managed to advance the experience through its storied history. This is certainly evident in the retail environment: massive humidors keep cigars at the same temperature as their growing conditions across the globe, and each location has modern, beautiful lounges for enjoying a consumer’s favorite cigar.

The passion Holt’s Cigar Company has for the perfect smoke is not limited to the expert advice it gives smokers of all stripes. It has also been applied toward advancing the product that ends up in an aficionado’s hands, as well. 31 years ago, Holt’s introduced its flagship cigar brand onto the market, Ashton. Ashton cigars are now one of America’s top five cigar brands and has expanded to two further premium offerings: La Aroma de Cuba and San Cristobal. is the latest addition to Philadelphia’s cigar empire. At their Northeast headquarters, Holt's has built over 20,000 square feet of humidified storage – and filled it with a hand-picked selection of the world's finest cigars, which they ship to customers throughout the United States. Through the website’s easy navigation, smokers can browse each brand and variety, receive recommendations as they would in the store and have them delivered to their doorstep. takes the luxury, expertise and comfort of the retail experience that has defined the brand for 118 years, and makes it available on your doorstep, with free shipping and next day delivery available.

Defining luxury for an entire category is a process. It requires a commitment to craft, and perfection that few ever achieve. By keeping these values consistent for 118 years, Holt’s has managed to deliver a timeless experience that grandfathers discover, and fathers pass on to sons alongside their other, most treasured lessons.

Whether you enjoy a cigar daily, or you’re a complete novice, each trip to Holt’s Cigar Company and is a chance to step into luxury and embrace the timelessness of a great smoke. And when you’re holding a work of art in your hands – whose leaves were chosen by hand, rolled into perfection with the utmost care, and selected by one of Holt’s Cigar Company’s renowned cigar experts, you’ll recognize that you owe it to your father to take his advice:

Sit back, slow down, and enjoy some of the finest cigars in the world.

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