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February 06, 2023

Ranking the best spots to watch Super Bowl LVII

Plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Figure out the best place for you and your style to watch the Eagles in the big game.

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Eagles fans are amped for the Super Bowl.

As Philadelphia preps for another Super Bowl, Eagles fans everywhere are figuring out their plans for the big game. I am here to provide you with a ranking of the best places to watch the Eagles potentially win their second-ever Lombardi Trophy.

My highly scientific methodology is set to optimize your viewing experience, your energy and your camaraderie.

1. Someone's house/apartment

This is really, really simple. If you’re a hardcore fan (no shame if you’re a casual fan and just love the vibes), the best spot for your own mental well-being is the comfort of your living room or that of someone in your inner circle.

You’re in control in these situations. There are no external factors. If you’re throwing a party at your place, you’re choosing the guest list. You’re choosing the spread. Your annoying friend who live bets the Eagles’ opponent’s moneyline whenever the Birds give up a big play? They’re not getting an RSVP sent their way.

A light beer doesn’t cost $7 at your house. You don’t have to buy a “pound of wings” at an inordinate price and then go clean yourself up in a bar bathroom while you miss Haason Reddick sacking Patrick Mahomes like a slob. You don’t have to hear the annoying takes of strangers sitting around you if the game itself is tight and uneasy.

I went to my lifelong best friend’s house for Super Bowl LII along with my parents. His mom is like a second mother to me. They prepared a phenomenal spread and had a liquor setup that would rival a super bougie wedding. I didn’t eat or drink any of it because I was sick to my stomach from the sheer anxiety of the game and watched the whole thing with a trash can between my legs, but it probably would’ve been great to enjoy, so I recommend doing that.

What else was great about that was that I was in my own neighborhood and poured into the streets after the win, seeing people I had known my whole life in pure jubilation. It was a script too cheesy for a sitcom’s series finale, but it was perfect for me.

Go soak it all up with your loved ones!

2. A bar

In my pre-Big J journalist days, I was obviously a crazy sicko Eagles fan.

I loathed watching Eagles game at bars.

Besides how demoralizing it is to get hit with a $150 bill after watching the Birds blow a golden opportunity, I just can’t watch with that many people. I don’t have a fear of crowds. Going out and partying Saturday night before the game should be a requirement, not a suggestion, but if you’re on the edge of blowing a fuse at every single penalty or punt, that environment is not suited for you, my friend.

You do not need that excess stress on a day that will be one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters of your life.

If you're more so just along for the ride that this magnificent city is on and want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, sure, hit a bar. Have fun. That was just never for me and my own depravity during my big fan days. 

3. At the Super Bowl itself

If you’re a media member and you’re getting a paid trip to the Super Bowl location to cover the game, that’s unbelievable. That’s a dream come true. If you’re a tried and true Eagles fan though? The atmosphere at the game itself likely sucks.

Look, if you have the funds to drop over $10,000 on a Super Bowl trip, more power to you. I give you the utmost respect. That’s not feasible for the vast majority of Eagles fans though.

That ultimately gets to my point. Super Bowl crowds are so corporate. They’re devoid of life. It’s no different than going to an Eagles-Jaguars game in London and seeing a rando in a Steven Jackson Rams jersey for some reason. This isn’t Lincoln Financial Field. The people surrounding you aren’t living and dying with every single play. Most of them won’t be Eagles fans!

Attending the 2017 and 2022 playoff runs as a spectator and media member, respectively, was incredible at the Linc. The fans were special. You’re not getting that at State Farm Stadium on Sunday. It’s unfortunate, but the energy at any spot in the Delaware Valley is going to beat whatever goes down in Glendale.

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