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July 11, 2023

Deebo Samuel hangs up on radio host when asked about the Eagles

After crying all offseason about the 49ers' NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles, Deebo Samuel wanted no parts of that conversation.

Call the wambulance! The 49ers are at it again. After running their mouths all offseason about how San Francisco coulda/shoulda/woulda beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game if all their quarterbacks didn't get hurt because of their atrocious offensive line play, one 49er is uncharacteristically quiet. 

Deebo Samuel, who has one of the biggest cases of loser denial in the entire San Francisco organization, was on CBS Sports Radio on Monday talking to host Zach Gelb. Here's a transcription of what was said:

Gelb: I saw what you said about the Eagles back at the Super Bowl at Sirius where if Brock Purdy didn't get hurt, you guys would've won that game by double digits. Why would that have been the case?

Samuel: I don't know that's old.

Gelb: Do you not still believe that?

Samuel: I mean, I do, but we're not going to keep talking about it. I said what I said.

Gelb: Gotcha. So what happens this year when you play on December 3?

Samuel: I don't know, but just wait until, what, Week 13, Week 12, whatever week it is.

Gelb: You know how that's going to go down. You're going into Philadelphia. Those fans are going to be booing you loud. Do you have a message for Eagles fans?

*phone shuffling noise*

Unnamed person: Alright, we're good to go.

Gelb: What do you mean? We have Deebo on right now.

Unnamed person: Yeah, I know, but we're going to head into camp right now.

I would guess that the unnamed person who hopped on the phone when Deebo was done was a 49ers PR staffer doing preemptive damage control. Samuel himself wanted no parts of this, likely realizing how foolish he and his teammates looked all offseason. Rough break!

If you want to listen to the audio for yourself, here's a snippet:

For Eagles fans and the 49ers franchise alike, that December 3 Week 13 matchup at Lincoln Financial Field cannot come soon enough. 

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