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August 25, 2023

WATCH: Nick Sirianni making sure Shane Steichen knew he threw the challenge flag

A little much? Maybe. But hey, something fun to laugh about in an otherwise notoriously unremarkable third preseason game.

In the second quarter of the Eagles' third and final preseason game against the Colts Thursday night, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson eluded Philly pressure long enough to get a throw out to his tight end Kylen Granson for what was originally ruled a completion and a gain of 11 yards. 

At that point in camp, the play was seriously inconsequential. Didn't matter though. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni saw the ball bounce off the ground and immediately threw the challenge flag, wanting to make sure Indy's new head coach – and his former offensive coordinator – Shane Steichen saw it. 

A little much for a meaningless preseason game? Maybe. But then again, a fun moment to laugh about for anyone who caught it at the stadium or at home, and a highlight for an annual exhibition that's notorious for never being interesting.

And hey, he won the challenge too. The ball came back. 

"I was a little anxious to throw that red flag," Sirianni said with a smile postgame. "I should've let the replay assist help me out, but I was so – I knew what Shane was doing. I knew what he was doing. He was going on the ball to try to run it quick, so I threw it. We had some eye contact and a fun back and forth on that play."

Hey, it's preseason. It doesn't really matter, and a little gamesmanship like that will never hurt anybody. Worst-case scenario is it doesn't land, like Richardson flapping his wings in the end zone after the Colts scored on a bunch of third- and fourth-stringers.

He's the starter...

Anyway, Richardson went 6-for-17 passing for 78 yards against the Eagles' reserves.

And now that the preseason is finally over, attention now fully turns to Week 1 at New England in a couple of weeks and getting the 53-man roster finalized for it. 

"It's not a fun couple of days coming up," Sirianni said of having to decided on the looming wave of final cuts. 

"The better the roster, the more tough decisions you're gonna have to make, and we're gonna have a bunch of tough ones. Those guys who are gonna end up getting cut, they made it hard on us."

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