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November 07, 2018

This shower hack is an all-natural cure for your stuffy nose

Hint: it involves adding a little greenery to your shower

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Strap this plant to your shower head to clear your stuffy nose.

Everyone knows that fall and winter are the toughest times of year on our immune systems. We pull out all the stops with Emergen-C and who knows what other sort of concoctions to put up our best fight against cold and flu season.

Somehow, the sickness always seems to prevail.

This year, when you get hit with the sniffles, there’s a nifty hack to call upon that you probably haven’t tried before: hanging fresh eucalyptus from your shower head. Prevention reports that eucalyptus has been proven to help relieve upper respiratory issues, hence why its minty sweet aroma is a common ingredient in cold relief products like Vicks.

“The steam of the shower releases the essential oils of the eucalyptus plant, which can clear nasal congestion and inflammation related to sinus and bronchial infections,” Prevention explains. Sure, medicine can help you out with these issues too, but if you’re looking for a subtle or natural treatment for what ails you, some shower eucalyptus could surely do the trick.

And yes, this is a trend you might have seen on Instagram, but it’s one that has practical use. And plus, who wouldn’t want a shower situation like one of these?:

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steppin’ into the weekend like 🛁🌿 got a fresh bunch of baby blue eucalyptus from the farmer’s market this week. $5.99 has bought me a month of heavenly DIY smelling showers💓 •eucalyptus is a natural air cleanser, odor remover, and the oils have anti inflammatory properties. •i attach a bunch of eucalyptus leaves to my shower head with a rubber band •i switch out my eucalyptus about once a month or when the plant loses its scent, whatever happens first. •the plant smells much stronger and lasts longer when buying from a flower market or farmers market rather than Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s •baby blue eucalyptus (pictured above) smells much stronger than the flat leaf ‘silver dollar’ variety. •i do this for aromatherapy purposes, and also because it feels like i’m stepping into a jungle each time i shower and who doesn’t love that. wishing everyone a beautiful friday evening! #selfcareeveryday #leefromamerica #LFAhome

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You can score fresh eucalyptus at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and your local florist.

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