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December 14, 2016

Get a custom holiday card with this West Philly opossum on it

Meet Gary the Trashcat

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Gary the Trashcat Katy DiSanto/Facebook

Gary the Trashcat.

Want to get someone a gift that's both local and unique? Meet Gary.

Katy DiSanto, of West Philadelphia, posted to the Facebook group West Willy and to her personal page on Monday advertising holiday cards featuring her pet opossum, named "Gary the Trashcat."

DiSanto said she was offering the custom cards from anywhere between $5-$14, depending on the size and if you want a custom message written on it. Orders for the cards must be placed before Saturday, Dec. 17, and will have to be picked up at Cedar Park unless you're within walking distance of the park.

Proceeds from the cards will go to the Schuylkill Wildlife Clinic, DiSanto told NBC10. She added she hoped the cards might help people change their opinions of opossums. Per the news station:

“The stereotype of [Opossums] is that they’re full of rabies, but I’m finding that the opposite is true; they are considered nature's sanitation workers,” she said. “They eat garbage, as well as the insects and other vermin that are attracted to refuse. You get to learn a lot about these animals as you raise them.”

DiSanto has recently set up an Instagram page for Gary (gary.the.trashcat). If you didn't think an opossum could be adorable, wait until you see one cracking open a beer or digging into some baby food.

Gary is tame, dependent on humans and has paperwork from the Department of Fish and Wildlife allowing him to live with humans, NBC10 noted.