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January 29, 2019

After Bill Maher diss, director Kevin Smith retires from wearing hockey jerseys

Has anyone ever seen Kevin Smith wear something other than hockey jerseys and trench coats?

The "Clerks" director and New Jersey native, now 48 years old, is finally ready to hang up the threads.

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In a recent episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher," Smith was chastised for being a grown man who still reads comic books and wears hockey jerseys.

Of course, Maher has been under siege ever since he ridiculed the widespread mourning of Marvel legend Stan Lee's death — and refused to apologize for it.

But Smith, apparently a longtime friend of Maher's, later revealed that he's done with the jerseys.

Marvel's Joe Quesada rejoiced at the decision, complimenting Smith on the weight loss success he's had since his heart attack and transition to a plant-based diet. But Smith corrected him: The decision was made by the jerseys, not him.

Smith, who's celebrating the 25-year anniversary of his first cult film, also found out this week that the "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" movie has been picked up by Saban and Universal. The film will follow the familiar deadbeat heroes as they try to prevent Hollywood from making a movie based on themselves. 

To be determined what Smith starts wearing at interviews from here forward.