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May 29, 2018

Video shows lightning striking lifeguard stand in Cape May

Jersey Shore Weather
Cape May Lightning City of Cape May/YouTube

This screenshot from a video shows lightning striking a lifeguard stand at Cape May.

You know when the lifeguards tell you to leave the beach because of bad weather?

Yeah, you should probably listen, as a video from Cape May shows.

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The video, released by the City of Cape May, was recorded around 5 p.m. Sunday by a camera on the beach-side portion of the Cape May Convention Center, according to CBS3. As you can see below, a bright bolt of lightning strikes a lifeguard stand,

The Facebook account for the coffee shop Coffee Tyme (which is quite good, if you're ever visiting Exit 0) posted a photo and video of the aftermath. The lifeguard stand was visibly torched after being struck.

So, once again, it's always a good idea to head back to the house when the weather gets dicey. That's what board games and booze are for.