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May 10, 2016

Philadelphia asking residents to verify Verizon service quality

Philadelphia's Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) is asking the public Tuesday to verify that Verizon has delivered on its promise to provide service across the entire city.

The city and Verizon agreed to a contract in February 2009 that the broadband and telecommunications company would expand its FIOS network to cover the entire city within seven years.

The deadline for Verizon to comply passed this year on Feb. 26.

“We take the conditions of this franchise agreement very seriously,” said Charles Brennan, Chief Innovation Officer. “So we are asking for residents to step forward and tell us if they tried to get FIOS but were unable to.”

The OIT has created a form on its website that will allow residents to share their experiences with Verizon.

Residents who have tried to subscribe to Verizon but were unable to do so are urged to fill out the form, which can be found here.