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June 29, 2018

Cutting Some Slack: Would you rather have LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard or Paul George on the Sixers?

Just a lazy Friday at the office at, and with NBA's free agency blitz set to start this coming weekend, the arguing and pontificating on the future of the Sixers was a topic of discussion.

Below is a snippet of a debate in a Slack channel between executive sports editor Evan Macy and deputy sports editor Matt Mullin arguing over which of the three biggest prizes Philadelphia should be swinging for.

They are, of course, 33-year-old LeBron James (unrestricted free agent), 28-year-old Paul George (unrestricted free agent) and 27-year-old Kawhi Leonard (on the trade block in San Antonio. What should the Sixers do?

* * *

Evan: Lets start with Paul George, who I'd honestly prefer of all three.

Matt: Really? Over LeBron? 

Evan: Yes. Fit-wise. And future-wise 

Matt: It’s LeBron. He’ll fit. Lol And you wouldn’t have to give up assets like you would with Kawhi.

Evan: Yes and then he will do this every year [assuming he signs another one-year deal]. And he will take over the front office.

Matt: It’s the best player in the history of the game, still in his prime. Give me the title and we’ll figure the rest out later.

Evan: I'd rather George for four years than LeBron for one. 

Matt: They’d still have their core intact and could go after another star next year. I don’t think that’s enough to win.

Evan: Yeah, I don't think the Sixers with LeBron will beat Golden State. I am thinking three-to-four years down the line, they want to be the next dynasty. 

Matt: I get that, but who knows what the rest of league will look like in three years. And I don't know if that’s even enough to beat Boston, honestly. Especially if they get Kawhi. 

Evan: Honestly, if LeBron goes back to the Cavs for one more year that might be the best scenario in my opinion. Get LeBron one year later. And add a Paul George or Kawhi Leonard this year and let the youngsters grow. We have no idea what Markelle Fultz or Zhaire Smith will even be. That [plus Joel Embiid, Dario Saric and Ben Simmons] could be the damn starting five right there anyway.

Matt: Well yeah, but I’m assuming for this argument that if no LeBron this year, then no LBJ at all.

Evan: I will, I guess, admit that adding LeBron for $36 million for one year doesn't hurt the future. Trades and crazy over-extended signings in addition does. 

Matt: Yeah that’s all I’m saying. And they get to keep that Miami pick and possibly use it in the future. They have options, for sure. 

Evan: Which could be a pick we want, if it allows us to draft a high schooler in the lottery. LeBron James Jr. is the real prize!

Matt: Yeah. Gotta recruit him to my alma mater [Miami (FL)]  

Evan: He's class of 2023, I think, which is a straight jump potentially.  

Matt: Imagine him and LeBron on the same team like Ken Griffey and Junior?

Evan: Senior would be 38 when junior is 18. Very possible.  

Matt: Absolutely. Omg, but imagine them playing against each other? Jr. guarding Sr. and vice-versa? 

Evan: Not to take a tangent, but that's a great post. What would win the all junior or senior team of athletes? 

Matt: Are there enough?

Evan: There's so many.

Matt: Woulda been perfect for Father’s Day.

Evan: Ugh you're right. I'll do it here anyway...

(For the record, here's what a starting five of father's and son's could look like):

 Fathers  Sons
 PGDell CurrySteph Curry 
SGJoe BryantKobe Bryant
SFRick Barry Brent Barry
PFStan Love Kevin Love 
 Bill WaltonLuke Walton 

(On the bench, Mychal & Klay Thompson, Dolph & Danny Schayes, Jimmy Walker & Jalen Rose, Bob & Danny Ferry, Glen Robinsons, Glen Rices, Tim Hardaways and more.)

* * *

Now, back to our original debate...

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