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November 09, 2016

BalletX's fall show interprets the true story of one pilot's fateful 1938 flight

It's a one-of-a-kind contemporary ballet

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BalletX Fall Series: 'Sunset, o639 Hours' BalletX/"Sunset, o639 Hours"

BalletX Fall Series presents "Sunset, o639 Hours."

BalletX will kick off its 11th season Nov. 16 with the fall show "Sunset, o639 Hours." The contemporary ballet was created by choreographer and BalletX co-founder Matthew Neenan and award-winning New Zealand composer Rosie Langabeer.

The inspiration for the show comes from a true story of Captain Ed Musick, who was one of the best-known pilots of the 1930s because of his exploits with Pan American Airways. He was featured on the cover of "TIME Magazine" in 1935.

"Sunset, o639 Hours" interprets Musick's fateful 1938 airmail flight across the Pacific. Without giving anything away, BalletX's interpretation of the true events highlights love, loss and adventure.

The storyline is unique and so is the music, which weaves together original 1930s-inspired songs, field tapes and archival recordings from Musick’s flights. Instruments were invented for the production.

The ballet will be at the Wilma Theater through Nov. 20.

BalletX Fall Series: "Sunset, o639 Hours"

Wednesday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 20
The Wilma Theater
265 S. Broad St.
(215) 893-9456