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October 18, 2015

Boa constrictor gets loose on SEPTA bus

SEPTA investigating after man brings 4-foot snake on Route 52 bus

SEPTA Snakes
101815_BoaConstrictor Stock/AP

Boa constrictor.

If you thought bed bugs were bad, the latest scare on SEPTA bus will be sure to make you queezy.

A man who boarded SEPTA's Route 52 bus in West Philadelphia took his pet snake, a 4-foot-long boa constrictor, on board with him Sunday afternoon, concealing the reptile under a jacket as it wrapped itself cozily around his neck, FOX 29 reports.

At some point, the snake got away from its owner and slithered off unseen until a passenger spotted it coiled up on another seat.

Once notified, the driver immediately halted the bus and evacuated passengers before calling animal control around 3 p.m., according to SEPTA.

Everyone on board was able to safely exit the bus at 52nd and Westminster Avenue. According to 6 ABC, the owner of the snake was able to corral the animal and remove it from the bus after about an hour.

SEPTA is investigating the incident.