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May 06, 2017

Crayola needs help naming its new, blue crayon

Say goodbye to Dandelion and hello to this new, blue hue.

Crayola is adding a new color to its box of crayons but there's just one problem – it still needs a name.

The Pennsylvania-based company retired its Dandelion crayon back in March but recently announced that it would add a color whose shade was only discovered by chemists at Oregon State University in 2009.

The researchers accidentally found the hue after heating up chemicals while trying to find new materials to use in electronics, according to USA Today. The pigment is named "YInMn blue" after its components, yttrium, indium, manganese and oxygen.

But for Crayola, "YInMn" won't exactly fit among its other crayon names like Mountain Meadow and Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown.

The company is holding a naming contest between now and June 2. Crayola will unveil that top five choices in July where fans can cast a vote for their favorite until August, according to USA Today. 

The final name will be announced in September 2017.