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April 27, 2023

Camden hosts one of the largest parties for the 2023 NFL Draft with the bright Philadelphia skyline in the background

The Norcross Family welcomed over 900 guests to celebrate the evening along with Ron Jaworski, Harold Carmichael, Brandon Graham, Mike Quick, Jason Avant and Camden native Haason Reddick.

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Former Eagles star wideout Mike Quick had nothing but good things to say about the Eagles' newest top-10 pick Jalen Carter.

"I think it's just the perfect situation that he was still there at [9], and it certainly fits a need of this team," the radio announcer said. "I think he pairs well with the guys that are already there. I mean you got some veteran guys there that can teach him the ropes and bring him up to speed, but if you look at his just raw skill, he fits the NFL already. He's played against the top talent in all of college football and he's dominated, so he fits real well with the Eagles. I think he'll have a very successful career in Philly."

He and other dignitaries from the tri-state area collected in Camden at the TRIAD1828 Centre — along with almost 900 other Eagles fans — to watch and celebrate the NFL Draft.

Hosted by George, Lexie and Alex Norcross, Conner Strong & Buckelew, Formica Freitag Bakery, and PhillyVoice, Ron Jaworski emceed the draft party for the third year. Eagles Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham, Harold Carmichael, Jason Avant, Jaworski, and Quick all welcomed a new beginning for several incoming Eagles rookies, too.

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Quick and the other Eagles from the past and present enjoyed bread from Formica Freitag and catering from Troy‘s Place in Pennsauken while taking part in a panel before the draft kicked off, hosted by Jaworski.

Reddick was on the panel and was proud to represent his hometown of Camden for the second year at the party.

"This is crazy, never thought that success would bring me here," Reddick said. "Crazy event, crazy party, Lexie and Mr. Norcross did a great job, getting the community out here to enjoy some time together and celebrate what everybody loves, football and Philadelphia Eagles football."

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was in attendance as well, the last draft of his time in office — a time that did see some unbridled success from the teams in South Philly.

“Obviously, the fans are intense and very knowledgable and know when people are playing well and trying their best and know when they’re not," Kenney said. "I think sometimes, honestly, they can be a little too hard on folks, but we’ve been having a good run lately between the Phillies and the Eagles and the Sixers, Flyers are still lagging a little bit, I grew up in the ‘70s with two Stanley Cups, so I’m a little spoiled."

Speaking about the TRIAD1828 Centre, Kenney said, "It's the best view of Philadelphia you could have. It's very inspiring to come over here and look at the city as a whole."

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“I’m so excited to co-host this party tonight with my dad and brother as well as Ron Jaworski. We love bringing together so many friends and fans for this draft party and that’s why it has grown so quickly — we've grown from 150 people three years ago to 900 tonight," Lexie Norcross, one of the hosts of tonight's event, said.  “We have a great time and have a beautiful view of the Philadelphia skyline from our offices in Camden. Go Birds!

Disclosure: George E. Norcross III is the Executive Chairman of Conner Strong & Buckelew and the father of Founder & Chairwoman Lexie Norcross.

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