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March 11, 2016

Eagles have sixth-most salary cap committed to QBs in 2016, most in 2017

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031116ChaseDaniel Ross D. Franklin/AP

Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford are being paid a boatload of money for very little career production.

A week and a half ago, the Eagles were able to reach an agreement with Sam Bradford that will pay him $36 million over the next two seasons, assuming he remains with the team. About a week later they signed Chase Daniel to a three-year deal worth $21 million, with playing time and performance incentives worth up to $36 million.

Those two deals put the Eagles presently at sixth in the NFL in salary cap allocated to the quarterback position in 2016. To note, the below figures do not include Daniel's incentives. (Positional spending via

Team QB cap number, 2016 Team QB cap number, 2016
Saints $32,022,865 Texans $18,134,521
Giants $25,438,400 Bears $18,050,000
Steelers $25,259,805 Colts $16,680,000
Falcons $25,036,474 Patriots $14,950,154
Ravens $24,500,000 Bengals $14,270,413
Eagles $23,600,000 Rams $13,123,734
Lions $22,500,000 Dolphins $12,765,000
Chargers $22,205,000 Jaguars $10,383,128
Cowboys $22,045,000 Browns $9,507,949
Redskins $21,753,000 Buccaneers $8,192,029
Panthers $21,450,000 Titans $6,659,455
Cardinals $21,080,000 Bills $5,960,474
Packers $20,280,908 Vikings $5,646,379
49ers $19,265,753 Raiders $4,468,037
Chiefs $19,074,106 Jets $2,260,570
Seahawks $18,992,000 Broncos $538,196

That number will come down some after the Eagles either trade or release Mark Sanchez, which is a near certainty. If they trade him, subtract $4.5 million from the Eagles' number above. If they release him, subtract $3.5 million.

However, in 2017, the Eagles' quarterbacks (Sanchez not included) are currently going to count for the most money on the salary cap of all quarterback groups in the NFL, and by a wide margin.

Team QB cap number, 2017 Team QB cap number, 2017
Eagles $31,190,000 Bengals $16,435,413
Cowboys $25,240,000 Bears $16,000,000
Ravens $24,550,000 Patriots $15,108,513
Falcons $24,440,000 Rams $14,136,486
Cardinals $23,875,000 Jaguars $9,821,983
Panthers $22,416,000 Browns $9,782,889
Lions $22,000,000 Titans $7,325,090
Packers $21,510,908 Buccaneers $6,913,985
Dolphins $20,300,000 Redskins $3,600,000
Giants $20,240,000 Vikings $2,797,721
Texans $19,765,146 Saints $2,677,438
49ers $19,365,753 Raiders $1,709,210
Chiefs $18,869,106 Bills $1,333,334
Seahawks $18,800,000 Jets $753,424
Chargers $18,500,000 Broncos $628,196
Steelers $18,200,000 Colts $0

That money is going to an average-at-best starter who has been in the league for six years and has never won more than seven games in one season, as well as a career backup with 77 career pass attempts.

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