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May 25, 2023

WATCH: Jason Kelce gets a visit from the Stanley Cup on the latest "New Heights"

With visits from the Larry O'Brien Trophy and now the Cup, Jason Kelce's house has become an alternate universe in Philly sports.

Jason Kelce's house has been an alternate universe in Philly sports these past couple of weeks.

Through the New Heights podcast with his brother Travis, the NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy paid a visit last week.

And this week? 

Lord Stanley showed up at his door. 

Check it out:

Decked out in Flyers gear, the Eagles center – and former hockey player himself – gave the Cup a hug and a kiss on each of the Flyers' engravings from '74 and 75.

The only thing he couldn't do, Keeper of the Cup Mike Bolt said after wheeling it in, was pick it up.

"The rule is, Jason, you can put your arms around it, you can hug it, you can kiss it, if you feel the need to lift it, you have to go win it."

The Flyers, of course, are nowhere near lifting the Cup right now while the Sixers fell a couple of rounds short of the O'Brien Trophy once again. 

So the podcasts' past two guests are incredibly cool, though maybe just a tinge painful right now. 

But still overall cool. 

The full "New Heights" episode with the Cup below, which includes a story about Claude Giroux trying to arm wrestle Kelce, which sounds exactly like Claude Giroux:

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