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October 12, 2016

Eagles power ranking roundup: Birds tumble

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(In serious voice)... "How will Carson Wentz handle 'the adversity?'"

As we know, power rankings are kind of pointless, but we click them anyway. Here's a roundup of where the Eagles "rank" a week after their first loss of the season to the Detroit Lions.

ESPN: 11th

Both Doug Pederson and QB Carson Wentz took their first career losses this past week, but a one-point road loss is nothing to stress over. A loss this week at the Redskins, however, won't help in their pursuit of the Cowboys in the NFC East.

#JimmyNote: The 2-3 Cardinals and 2-3 Bengals are ahead of the Eagles here, somehow. 9th

Hard to get after Carson Wentz for chucking the deep ball ( that was ultimately intercepted) on the Eagles' last-gasp attempt in Detroit. Wentz has performed brilliantly, and he threw his first pick on the 135th pass of his young career. Now, Ryan Mathews' fumble? Dude. It's third-and-2, and the sweep play didn't have a prayer of making the first down. Cover up the ball. At the very least, carry the ball in the offside arm. Mathews' primary job was to run the clock down, which requires keeping the ball. Obvi. 
Power Rankings side note: Yes, the Eagles blew out the sixth-ranked Steelers in Week 3, but that Pittsburgh team did not have Le'Veon Bell in the fold yet. Now that he's back, this is a different Steelers squad. It's like the Pats with Tom Brady. In case you were wondering.

#JimmyNote: So Le'Veon Bell is worth 31 points?

USA Today: 9th

Time to see how they cope with a touch of adversity with three division road games and date with Vikes over next four weeks.

#JimmyNote: USA Today actually has the Eagles ranked a spot ahead of the Cowboys. Can't say I agree there. (Ducks).

Yahoo: 9th

As I mentioned yesterday in Winners and Losers, the Eagles have a really tough schedule coming up. We’ll get to see how rookie quarterback Carson Wentz and rookie coach Doug Pederson handle some adversity.

#JimmyNote: It would appear the new Eagles buzzword is "adversity."

FOX: 10th

Rookie QB Carson Wentz showed he’s human after all on the Eagles’ final snap of Sunday’s loss, throwing a game-sealing interception in the fourth quarter. The Eagles have an incredibly tough road ahead after feasting on easy opponents to start the year. We’ll see what they’re really about in the coming weeks.

#JimmyNote: The Steelers are scrubs, evidently.

CBS: 9th

They lost for the first time, which means their bye came at a bad time. The defense didn't look as good against the Lions.

#JimmyNote: "They lost for the first time, which means their bye came at a bad time." I hope we get invaluable bye week analysis like this all year from CBS.

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