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June 26, 2015

Five for Friday: Creepoid

Creepoid on why Philadelphia is a great place to be in a band

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Creepoid Karlo X. Ramos/Handout Art

Philly hometown heroes Creepoid.

Meet Creepoid, the Philadelphia-based slowcore quartet whose latest record, "Cemetery Highrise Slum," was released just days ago on Collect Records. You can celebrate the release of their LP and see them perform live tonight, June 26, at Johnny Brenda's along with Ecstatic Vision and Sick Feeling.

For this installment of Five for Friday, we asked Creepoid why Philadelphia is the perfect home base for musicians. 

Great local bands 

We love the other local bands in the Philly scene. Absolutely no other city has what's going right now in Philly. There are a lot of great bands happening right now, but some of our personal favorites are Bardo Pond, Spacin', Harsh Vibes, Ecstatic Vision, Fight Amp, Gondola, Company Corvette, Far-Out Fangtooth, Amanda X, Legendary Divorce, Nothing and School Girl.


Growing up in the '90s/early 2000s in Philly we cut our teeth at DIY venues like Stalag 13, The Killtime, The Fake Hause, Robot House and Funorama. We wouldn't be who we are today if we didn't have that. Philly is still full of amazing DIY bands/art that are really inspiring. 

The food 

After touring over 60,000 miles since July last year, the one thing we always say is that nothing beats the food in Philly. Whenever we're home, which is getting rarer and rarer, we always try to hit Santucci's, South Philadelphia Tap Room, Fountain Porter and Memphis Taproom.

Philadelphia's climate 

The weather is great for people to stay indoors and make noise six months out of the year. Either brutal winters or heat wave summers bring people together in basements all over the city.


It's the best central location on the East Coast for a band to tour out of. We're a day's drive or less from every major city on the Eastern Seaboard, the Chicago area and the Canadian border. Can't beat that kind of proximity to so many states and cities.