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March 24, 2023

Woman dragged off Philly-bound flight after altercations with passenger, police

The incident was caught on video Tuesday at Miami International Airport

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Frontier Flight Arrest Philly Miami Thom Carroll/for PhillyVoice

A 24-year-old woman on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Miami to Philadelphia was arrested after she allegedly got in a verbal altercation with another passenger and scratched a police officer.

A woman was dragged off a Philadelphia-bound flight and arrested in Miami after getting into an argument with another passenger, authorities said. She also allegedly scratched a police officer as she was carried away from the plane. 

Simone Bryna Kim, 24, of Killeen, Texas, was caught on video shouting at another passenger while the Frontier Airlines plane was still on the tarmac at Miami International Airport. 

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It's unclear what led to the dispute, but Kim allegedly threatened a male passenger.

“I’ll beat you the f*** up. What you trying to be on,” Kim said in the video, which first appeared on TikTok. “I’m going to rock your s**t.”

Another woman attempted to intervene in the argument, but Kim continued to shout at the man.

“You’re not even from Philly,” Kim said in the video.

The footage also showed police carrying Kim away by her limbs on the tarmac. Kim allegedly attempted to bite a police officer at one point during her arrest, Local10 in Miami reported

"Yesterday, during the boarding process for Flight 2326 from Miami to Philadelphia, two customers got into a verbal altercation which resulted in one of the customers being asked to deplane," Frontier Airlines said in a statement. "Upon her refusal, assistance was requested from local law enforcement."

Kim was charged with felony counts of battery on a police officer and resisting an officer with violence, along with misdemeanor charges of assault on an officer and trespassing.