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February 12, 2016

Go on a Witch Hazel scavenger hunt at Morris Arboretum

Witch Hazel flowers are some of the first harbingers of spring

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Witchhazel Marie Ingegneri/Morris Arboretum

At Morris Arboretum, Witch Hazels’ spicy, sweet fragrance is irresistible to Jack, Ellie and Addie O’Malley.

Through February and March, Morris Arboretum will host guided tours through the grounds to find Witch Hazel plants and will provide scavenger hunt maps for visitors to race through the gardens themselves.

While Witch Hazel may sound like something from a fairy tale, the plant is actually very common in deodorants, skin care, beauty brands and other products because of its healing properties.

Besides having "magical" powers, Witch Hazel has the ability to add color and fragrance to the bleak grey and gloom of winter. Spotting the yellow, orange, pink or red shrubs and smelling their spicy aroma means spring is on its way.

The first guided tour will take place on Saturday, Feb. 20 and will include a craft, as well. The day will begin at 1 p.m. and end at 3 p.m. 

As for the other dates through February and March, the tours will begin at 2 p.m. and will all take place on Saturdays.

Those who visit the Morris Arboretum on any other dates will still be able to pick up a scavenger hunt map.

"Witch Hazel is Your Favorite?" Scavenger Hunt and Tour

Saturday, Feb. 20, 27 and Saturday, March 12, 26
2 p.m. | $9-$17 general admission
Morris Arboretum
100 E. Northwestern Ave.
(215) 247-5777