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May 30, 2018

Horse at the Devon Horse Show makes a run for it

Neither the horse nor rider were seriously injured

A horse got loose during the Devon Horse Show this year and the episode was caught on video. 

The horse apparently was still wearing some kind of harness for a carriage when it hopped the arena fence and ran toward the stable area. 

Caretakers and horse show staffers were able to subdue the horse, transport it home and get it checked by a veterinarian, 6ABC reports.

Officials with the show say the horse suffered minor scrapes. The rider immediately dismounted and was not injured.

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair began earlier this week and will run through the weekend. 

People have been showing up to compete and wear fancy hats to the event for 122 years now. It's the oldest outdoor multi-breed competition in the United States. 

If you plan on attending the event, here's a list of special events — like the dog show (not to be missed), something called an "Open Unicorn" (also not to be missed). The fair will also be open all weekend.