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October 20, 2023

Maximizing your money in a high-interest rate environment

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In today's financial landscape, where interest rates are on the rise, investors are presented with an opportunity to make more money on their investments. One effective way to navigate this environment is by enlisting the expertise of a private banker. Private bankers can offer tailored solutions to help you optimize your returns while managing risk. There are a lot of options out there for you including money market rates, CDARs, and treasuries, along with brokerage money markets. Working with a private banker can help you make informed decisions and take the guess work out of money management. Here are a few tips to consider but remember to work with someone who will tailor options to your needs.

1. Money Market Rates

Money market accounts offer a relatively safe and liquid option for investors seeking higher yields. These accounts typically provide better interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts. Your private banker can help you select a money market account that aligns with your risk tolerance and liquidity needs.

2. Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARs)

CDARs are an innovative way to access higher yields while keeping your funds within FDIC insurance limits. Your private banker can help you divide your investment into smaller, manageable amounts, which are then placed into multiple CDs across various banks within the CDARs network. This strategy ensures that your investments remain FDIC-insured, even as you enjoy the benefits of higher interest rates typically associated with longer-term CDs.

3. Treasuries

With rising interest rates, U.S. Treasury securities become more attractive to investors seeking safety and yield. Your private banker can assist you in building a portfolio of Treasury bonds and notes tailored to your specific goals. They can help you choose the right maturities to match your investment horizon and risk tolerance. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) can also be considered to protect against inflation.

4. Brokerage Money Markets

Brokerage money market funds can offer competitive yields compared to traditional bank money market accounts. Your private banker can help you select the most suitable brokerage and money market fund based on your investment objectives. These funds often provide flexibility and higher returns while maintaining liquidity.

5. Diversification and Risk Management

One of the key roles of your private banker is to help you diversify your portfolio effectively. In a high-interest rate environment, diversification can mitigate risk while maximizing returns. Your private banker working with your investment advisor can allocate your investments across a range of asset classes, including bonds, equities, and alternative investments, to create a well-rounded portfolio.

In a high-interest rate environment, working closely with your private banker can be a smart move to capture higher yields while managing risk effectively. By exploring options like money market rates, CDARs, treasuries, and brokerage money markets through your investment partners you can tailor your investment strategy to align with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Don't hesitate to leverage the expertise of your private banker to make informed investment decisions in this dynamic financial landscape.

Remember that all investments come with risks, and it's essential to discuss your individual financial situation and goals with your private banker before making any investment decisions.

Please note that this article provides general information and should not be considered financial advice. Consult with your private banker or a financial advisor for personalized guidance based on your specific financial situation and objectives.

About the Author – John Ventura

John Ventura is a Senior Vice President and Senior Private Banking Relationship Manager. Ventura has more than 15 years of experience in private banking, including assisting clients with financial planning, portfolio management, asset allocation, trust administration and estate settlement, hedge funds, private equity and real estate, risk mitigation, and complex tax and legal issues. John can be reached at

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