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April 04, 2017

Man bun, sext and slay among 300 words added to's online database

The additions stem from conversations in fashion, technology, politics and more

Just ignore that little red line appearing under the word friendiversary. You’ve made no mistake. has just validated that your relationship with your bestie is, in fact, worthy of its own celebratory date as per the word's inclusion in its online database. 

The word website recently announced 300 defined words have been added to its database, and it shared a sampling that includes sext, slay, hangry and superfood.

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As noted by, the additions reflect everything from news stories (alt-right) to fashion trends (man bun.)

“English is constantly changing and growing. Thanks to the diverse people who speak it and the times they (we) live in, new words enter the language all the time. The dictionary’s job is to reflect and celebrate that evolution. It’s genuinely exciting to introduce new words as long term parts of the way we speak!”

See the full sample of the new words here.