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September 03, 2023

NFC East odds roundup: The Eagles are the favorites to tear through the division

Although no team has won the NFC East back-to-back since the Andy Reid era.

There hasn't been a repeat NFC East winner since the Eagles' run to four straight conference title games during the Andy Reid era of the early 2000s. 

But trends and patterns in sports, eventually, do break, and Jalen Hurts and the 2023 Eagles are hoping to be the team that snaps this one in particular with ambitions of making it back to the Super Bowl. 

The odds, at least initially, appear to be in their favor with the wait to Week 1 in New England rapidly growing shorter. 

But it's still a wait. 

So to kill some time until then, here's a roundup of the odds for each NFC East team to win the division, the conference, and the Super Bowl across several sportsbooks, along with some notes and the rankings amongst the listed odds placed in parentheses. 

Let's dive in...

Super Bowl LVIII

 SportsbookPHI DAL NYG WSH 
DraftKings +650 (2) +1400 (6) +6500 (21)+6500 (23) 
FanDuel +800 (2) +1300 (6) +4800 (20) +6500 (27) 
PointsBet +650 (2) +1400 (7) +4500 (20) +8000 (27) 
BetMGM +800 (2) +1500 (6) +6600 (22) +8000 (27) 
UniBet +750 (2) +1500 (6) +6000 (22) +8000 (27) 

• Across all five sportsbooks, the Chiefs have the best odds to repeat as Super Bowl champions – generally at around +600 – followed by the scenario where the Eagles make it all the way back and win it this time. 

• The Chiefs, Bengals, and Bills make up the Super Bowl favorites coming out of the AFC, while the Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys – with no love lost between either of the three at this point – are the favorites out of the NFC.

On FanDuel, the odds of the Eagles meeting the Chiefs in the Super Bowl again are set at +1800. A matchup with the Bills is set at +2200, and a Birds-Bengals final round is set at +2600. A longshot by comparison, but worth noting because of the Doug Pederson connection, the chances of the Eagles facing the Jaguars in the Super Bowl are sitting at +6500.

NFC Championship

 Sportsbook PHIDAL NYG WSH 
DraftKings +250 (1) +600 (3) +2800 (9) +4000 (12)
FanDuel +330 (1) +600 (3) +2200 (9)+3000 (12)
PointsBet +300 (1) +600 (3) +2200 (9)+4000 (14)
BetMGM +300 (1) +600 (3) +2500 (10)+3000 (14)
UniBet +325 (1) +650 (3) +2500 (11)+3500 (14)

• From where things stand right now, the sportsbooks are projecting the NFC to come down to another battle between the Eagles and 49ers, with a good bit of space separating the two at the top from the rest of the possible contenders on down. The Cowboys are right there in third across most listings, but in a tier below, with the difference only growing greater the further you go down from Minnesota to Detroit, Seattle, and so on. 

• The Eagles have the edge over the 49ers as the favorite to win the NFC again going in, but of course, that edge is only assuming both teams are at full strength, which, knowing the 49ers, they probably won't be. Honestly, if there's a prop bet O/U on how many quarterbacks they'll blow through this season, I'd seriously consider playing that. Oh, by the way, Nick Bosa is still holding out. 

NFC East

Sportsbook PHI DAL NYG WSH 
DraftKings -135 (1) +195 (2) +900 (3) +1300 (4) 
FanDuel -115 (1) +175 (2) +700 (3) +1300 (4) 
PointsBet -130 (1) +180 (2) +680 (3) +1500 (4) 
BetMGM -120 (1) +175 (2) +750 (3) +1200 (4) 
UniBet -125 (1) +180 (2) +800 (3) +1400 (4) 

• The Eagles are the universal favorites here. Not much of a shocker. Dallas is next in line posing as their greatest challenge from within the division, but the Cowboys have had a weird camp, and how they'll come out of it feels like a bit of a mystery. If I had to take a guess, good enough for a Wild Card berth and no further, which is par for the course for them, but something about their makeup right now just makes them feel like they're a second away from self-destructing. 

I am curious to see if there will be a proper Jalen Hurts-Dak Prescott quarterback matchup this season, since we didn't get that at all last year, and the last time we did way back in 2021, Hurts just wasn't Hurts yet and Nick Sirianni was in that early phase where he was outright refusing to call a run play. Things are a lot different now. 

• But are they for the New York Giants? They surprisingly found their way into the playoffs last year, then upset the Vikings in the Wild Card round, but was that real or just a fluke? The books are leaning fluke. They're a distant third in the odds to win the NFC East, and as far as whether they'll actually make the playoffs this season, DraftKings is tilting 'No' at -190 compared to 'Yes' at +160. It's going to be an uphill battle for them. 

• As for Washington, they did go football .500 last season at 8-8-1, but they were a mess the entire time in doing so, and aren't expected to make all that much noise now. Dan Snyder is out of the league – finally –but Sixers fans will be the first to tell you that Josh Harris seems to care more about social status and the bottom line than he does winning. He's better than the last guy, absolutely, but he probably isn't going to save your team either. He'll just make it more valuable.

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