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July 02, 2015

Pope-themed pub crawl planned for papal visit

'Pope Crawl 2015' gains fans on Facebook

It appears local revelers will be doing more than praying when Pope Francis comes to town. Pope Crawl 2015 is starting to take shape over Facebook, promising "the most epic pub crawl of all time" on September 26.

Few details are available as of yet, as the public Facebook event states that an itinerary will be chosen closer to the papal visit. Other than that, all we know is the crawl will allegedly begin at 11 a.m. and that uniforms are required. Those, of course, include dressing up like a priest, pope, cardinal, nun, bishop, Catholic school girl or boy, Jesus, Satan, angel or monk. It also notes that an official Pope Crawl T-shirt may come to fruition.

It looks like about 1,200 people plan to attend (according to the tenuous nature of a Facebook RSVP, that is) with 1,000 more invited. Whether this event ever actually occurs during the sure-to-be-overcrowded weekend -- 1.5 million visitors will be coming to Philly for the papal visit - remains to be seen. 

If it does, it is likely to be the recipient of some very dirty looks and a lot of disapproval. After all, using a religious celebration as a reason to drink in excess and wear religious garb as costumes is sure to offend those coming to worship.