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December 16, 2015

Website maps out each state's most Googled terms in 2015

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12162015_GoogleSearches Google Trends Data/Estately

Using Google Trends data, Estately mapped out each state's most Googled terms.

The Internet seems to be the place to go for all the everyday questions that come up. Google it.

Real estate website Estately decided to map out what each state Googled more frequently than any other state in 2015 using data from Google Trends.

It appears that people across the country are curious about a variety of topics.

Pennsylvanians were curious about Pope Francis' visit, the new movie "Creed" and whether "Game of Thrones" character Jon Snow really died. 

They also went a little baby crazy, searching "Carrie Underwood baby," "Royal baby" and "Blake Lively baby."

In New Jersey, residents wanted to know about FIFA, Hillary Clinton's email and Jason Pierre-Paul's hand. And, of course, they Googled their state's governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie.

Delaware's hottest search topics included Amtrak, Beau Biden and Nicki Minaj.

Below are some funny searches from across the country:

• Stanky leg dance – Georgia

• Booty – Mississippi

• Confederate flag meaning – North Carolina

• What does "bae" mean? – Wisconsin

• Magic Mike XXL (movie) – West Virginia

Google released on Wednesday its most popular searches across an array of categories for 2015 in its "Year in Search" report.