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June 05, 2018

Support for Eagles in Trump controversy found in unlikely corner

The Philadelphia Eagles vanquished the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII but there weren't that many tears shed for the Bob/Belichick/Brady organization that had won two of the three previous championship games.

Yes, the Patriots were favored to win February's matchup in Minneapolis, but the Eagles gutted it out and grabbed the Lombardi Trophy for their long-suffering fans. As expected, New England fans grieved over the upset loss with nary a positive word about the Birds.

As Super Bowl champs, the Eagles were invited to the White House on Tuesday (much as the Patriots were in 2015 and 2017, led by Trump friend and owner Bob Kraft).

But that all unraveled in a hurry after President Donald Trump learned that only 10 or so Eagles  would make the trip to Pennsylvania Avenue. The invitation was quickly withdrawn. Trump said the Eagles' decision not to show up as a full team was another sign of the disrespect he believes is evident in the national anthem protests by many NFL players.

As expected, Trump was quickly vilified by Eagles fans and NFL players for pulling back the invitation.

One fount of support for the Birds, however, was perhaps unexpected: Patriots fans.

Many took to Twitter and the comments section of to express their admiration for the Eagles – with some even criticizing their home team for failing to stand up to Trump after winning Super Bowl LI.

Here's a sampling of the support from New England:

Twitter user @DonnaFrejlev wrote: "I am a Patriots fan of 30+ years, but that clown in the White House has made me an Iggles fan for the day!"

Another Twitter user, cordagefan, wrote: "This patriots fan could very well switch to be one an eagles fan. Wish the Pats had declined a visit to the insane ignore the rule of law, “grab them in the pu—y” dictator in the White House"

The comments section on under a New York Times story about the controversy was rife with Patriots fans with positive things to say about the Eagles organization.

Mojowork 06/05/18 05:50 AM

I just became a huge Eagles fan. I salute their patriotism for calling out the orange menace.

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Potlemac 06/05/18 06:59 AM

Trump is a disgraceful human being. Good on the Eagles!

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Dude58 06/04/18 07:48 PM

A petty, small man. Good for the Eagles players that refuse to meet with him. Exercising their freedom of choice while they still can.

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suzsen 06/04/18 07:57 PM

I have suddenly become a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

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RealWhoFan 06/04/18 08:00 PM

The eagle is a pretty cool bird - proud, independent, great vision, fast, strong - it's a good symbol for a nation that wants to lead the free world.

It's also everything the Putin-wannabe in the oval office isn't. Absolute scum, unworthy of his office.

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Route202 06/04/18 08:00 PM

I'm a Patriots fan through and through, but I really love the Eagles right now!

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no shore steve06/04/18 08:53 PM

Cheers to the Eagles!

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FransBevy06/05/18 08:10 AM

They should reply

Dear Donald,



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-figmo- 06/04/18 09:16 PM

I was pissed at the eagles for winning the Super Bowl. Not any more.

I love this group of guys that wont let a draft dodging phony flag waver

run their lives. Go Eagles. Lock trump up.

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Cfood 06/04/18 10:06 PM

Wait and see how Philly fans and press react to King Donald. The next few days should be a thing of beauty.

Enjoy it, Donald.

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BelichickDisciple 06/05/18 07:10 AM

Well, I, for one, am really looking forward to the photos of all those Eagles fans going to the WH to this alternative celebration. That should be a fantastic turnout.

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And some Patriots fans took the occasion to get a shot in at their own team:

Jeanne1701 06/05/18 07:51 AM

So fitting that the team standing up to Trump is the Eagles. Would be even better if the Patriots grew a set. Meanwhile, why don’t we just stop playing the anthem before sporting events and just have some fun?

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krstn 06/04/18 08:48 PM

Well, I like to call myself a Pats fan, but apparently the Eagles have more spine that the Pats when it comes to Trump. Kraft, Brady and the Pats have been enablers.

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telwan 06/04/18 11:39 PM

As a Pats fan, I’m sad to think that the Eagles represent authentic patriotism more than my own team would. Much as I like my teams laundry and the great players who have worn it, Kraft, Belichick and Brady have been hard to stomach with their support of the 💩 in-Chief. Go Eagles!

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HNCommunications 06/04/18 11:04 PM

I wish the Patriots had the guts to pull something like this off. Now I'm almost glad they won the Super Bowl. Three cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles!

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1Angry1 06/05/18 08:09 AM

Bob-Belichick-Brady salivates at a chance to kiss King Trump's ring.

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Tomato7606/05/18 11:02 AM

Robert Kraft shares considerable blame in empowering this weak minded president to bully NFL players and trash the genuine American values of free speech and dissent. The players were not protesting the military, as Trump spins it. They are protesting obvious and excessive police brutality and a biased justice system. Kraft’s legacy is forever tarnished, and frankly as a life long Patriot fan, I’m disappointed and ashamed.

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It wasn't all positive, however, as other commenters, perhaps fans of Trump moreso than the Patriots, labeled the Eagles as "sore winners" and noted, ironically, how Pennsylvania helped push the president over the hump on Election Day:

TomofNorway 06/05/18 05:53 AM

It's about time that teams especially like this particular Philadelphia Eagles team be refused National Recognition,, and I'm thrilled this step was taken so as not to give this team yet more attention and stage with which to spread the negativity and dissension that characterizes them ever since they just barely won their Title in February. These men are NOT "Champions" on every other level! Instead of celebrating victory, they have gone out of their way to disparage the team and individuals they defeated, unnaturally so, and they haven't stopped yet! You hear of "sore losers" ~ but this Eagles team are "sore winners" and do not deserve recognition anyway. An invitation should never have been extended to them ~ and this is the right move, and thrilled to see it!

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Magee3 06/05/18 09:41 AM

Why are the Eagles and their fans upset about being dis-invited? Most of them didn't plan to go anyway. Are they concerned that they'll have to wait another 57 years to win the Super Bowl again and get another White House invite?

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Sportsman200106/05/18 03:31 PM

I did not vote for Trump.

However, I love how easily he triggers the Left. It is fun to watch.

The owner of the Eagles, Jeff Lurie is equally a pathetic human.

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buttfumble06/05/18 09:33 AM

Karma, Pennsylvania helped the nitwit get elected !