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March 22, 2016

Sweet Charlie's brings fresh-made ice cream to Washington Square

Move over, Cold Stone

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711 walnut Aubrey Nagle/for PhillyVoice

711 Walnut St., the future home of Sweet Charlie's.

Just in time for the warmer months, a new ice cream parlor is opening up in Washington Square. But Sweet Charlie's isn't just any old scoop shop. The new brand will be serving Thai-style rolled ice cream, a trend already taking off in New York City and L.A., at 711 Walnut St. this summer.

Thai rolled ice cream is made by pouring ingredients onto a cold plate (like, well below freezing, cold), mixing in flavored fixings, spreading it out until it's frozen and then using scrapers to shape it into scoops or rolls. Yes, it's like Cold Stone, except instead of mixing toppings with pre-made ice cream, this technique creates the ice cream from scratch in front of your eyes. 

See the whole process for yourself in this mesmerizing video:

Furthermore, Sweet Charlie's says its ice cream and frozen yogurts contain no preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers. It's made to order, too -- you just select your flavor combos, watch those we assume will be called ice cream artisans or something create it all and presto, frozen dessert in hand. 

With flavors like red and white wine, rum raisin and matcha plus classics like strawberry, blueberry and mint chocolate, Sweet Charlie's is sure to be a hit among locals and tourists popping by from Independence Mall.

So when can you get your hands on this Thai-style treat? Sweet Charlie's is opening in May.