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May 13, 2023

Taylor Swift confirms 'gold rush' song lyric is about the Philadelphia Eagles

In her first of three concerts at Lincoln Financial Field this weekend, Taylor Swift confirmed on Friday that her highly debated "gold rush" lyric is about the Philadelphia Eagles.

Taylor Swift is sending Philadelphia into a frenzy this weekend with three-straight shows at Lincoln Financial Field. Swift, a Berks County native, played up the "hometown" vibes of coming to Philly this weekend at Friday night's concert. 

Before playing her song "gold rush," Swift discussed one of the lyrics from the song that has caused a debate among her fervent fan base. She sings, "My Eagles t-shirt hanging by from the door" on her 2020 album "evermore." Was she talking about the Eagles the band or the Birds who play at the Linc?

Well, to the delight of everyone in South Philadelphia on Friday night, Swift confirmed it's about the Philadelphia Eagles, which you can hear in the video below:

Here's a transcription of what Swift said:

I wanted to start out with this one in Philly because there was sort of a... I don’t know how large the debate was, but I did see the debate about... I have a lyric that says, 'My Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door,' and I saw some people wondering if it was the band the Eagles or the team the Eagles and I love the band the Eagles, but guys, like, come on, I’m from Philly, of course it's the team.

Well, there you have it. Sorry, Don Henley, but Jalen Hurts appears to have more renown than you at this point. 

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