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July 11, 2017

On-beach parking delayed in Wildwood

Summer Parking
Wildwood Crest Beach Wildwood Crest/Facebook

The beach at Wildwood Crest.

It's time to put your excitement about on-beach parking in Wildwood on hold. 

Though Wildwood City Commissioners unanimously voted to allow shore visitors to park their cars on the pounded sand at a lot off of Baker Avenue, breaking the news a couple weeks ago, recent weather has had different plans.

A snag came up after the pathway tunnel under the boardwalk – intended to stop on the lot, which would be overseen by parking attendants – has been compromised by the weather.

In its current condition, the tunnel is only high enough for four-wheel drives. Officials planned to dig deeper into the sand, but less-than-ideal weather has prevented that so far.

“There was always beach access off Baer Avenue under the boardwalk, but we wanted to have clearance equal to any parking garage people were used to,” Wildwood New Jersey Commissioner Pete Byron told Newsworks.

Officials now say parking at the Baker Avenue lot will likely need a couple more weeks to become reality. Whenever that happens, expect to pay $10 for parking a day or $20 for special event parking.