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April 25, 2016

Camden County: Endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors

Here are some of the best reasons to get outside

Camden County Outdoors

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Camden County Boathouse For PhillyVoice/Courtesy of Camden County

The Camden County Boathouse allows visitors to experience stunning views of Cooper River in a world-class facility.

As spring winds into summer the outside beckons to explore, play, exercise, and celebrate one another within our communities. Camden County is no exception and offers some of the best-kept secrets for capitalizing on what local nature has to offer. From cozy parks to lush enclaves to world-class playgrounds and facilities, Camden County is a fun-loving, idyllic community full of outdoor exploration opportunities. Camden County is perfect for raising a family fond of the great outdoors.

Local parks

Camden County is home to 20 parks. The many wonderful features of these parks range from softball fields, picnic areas, and serene bodies of water like the Cooper River Park that stretch across Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Haddon Township. The Camden County Boathouse that sits on the banks of the Cooper River is a one-of-a-kind venue, unique to Camden County that allows you to experience stunning views of the river in a world-class facility.

Another exciting park in Camden County is the Wiggins Waterfront Park that sits right on the Delaware River with access the to the Riverstage. Nothing beats sublime music, played beside the winding river and Philadelphia skyline.


As a central part of the “Garden State,” Camden County is home to the glorious Camden Children’s Garden. The draws of the garden range from trickling ponds to an expansive butterfly enclosure, all to encourage children’s development and growth within nature. Such an attraction is just one of the many elements of Camden County that renders it a fabulous community to learn and grow in nature. The four-acre garden provides the best horticultural experiences for creative and imaginative play. Nearby is the Adventure Aquarium, which was named among the best aquariums in the United States in 2013 by the Travel Channel.

Local Flavor

In Haddonfield, discover where the world’s first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, Hadrosaurus Foulkii, was excavated in the 1800s. Declared a national landmark in 1994, a trip here will reignite your sense of adventure and bring you back to the thrilling prehistoric age. Nearby in Berlin, the lush and family-friendly Miller Farms offers horseback riding, including group tours on horseback with experienced trail guides.

Paintball, the hair-raising adventure sport, is also offered in the area – giving friends a chance to challenge one another in outdoor combat. Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill offers endless fun extending into the fall, with a local corn maze that will test even the smartest navigators.

Community Celebrations

Alongside the existing outdoor landscape of the county, Camden County offers a plethora of fairs and parades to celebrate local communities. Many of these specialized events celebrate the rebirth of spring and give local residents a chance to come together within their town. In Collingswood, the May Fair just celebrated its 37th year.  The annual fair features local artisans and crafters alongside kid-centered activities including pony rides. Events like these spanning through the summer months speak to the warm flavor and character of these small towns dotted throughout Camden County, which offer outdoor opportunities to enjoy one another.

With endless reasons to get outside, whether for a community event or to enjoy a picnic in the park, Camden County is a picturesque place to grow a family. Nestled in a beautiful corner of the “Garden State,” to local residents there is no other place they would rather call home.