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July 05, 2016

Seven sneaky ways to get your man in shape

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Is your man just plain stubborn when it comes to eating better and moving more? Well, you’re in luck, because below you’ll find seven ‘undercover’ tips you can use to get him eating healthier and exercising more without even knowing it. Consider doing the following:

1. Tweak dinner recipes

Whoever does the cooking has the power to make mealtimes healthier. Switch-out regular bleached flour pasta for the whole-wheat kind, serve brown rice instead of white rice (which is largely sugar) and ditch the sour cream for equally creamy but ‘much-better-for-you’ Greek yogurt. Also, sneak in more vegetables at dinner time, making them a bit more palatable with a splash of lemon juice or flavored olive oil.

2. Overhaul TV and snack food

This is most guys’ downfall. Instead of pretzels, buttered popcorn, and calorie-laden dips, substitute “crudités” – cold, crunchy vegetables served either lightly drizzled with oil and sprinkled with salt, or with delicious, protein-filled hummus as a dip. Instead of cookies, try cubed pineapple and melon balls on a tray. And if you love to bake delectable goodies, well, restrict yourself to baking for birthdays and special occasions only -- at least for a while.

3. Re-design “date night”

Rather than sitting in a movie theater or tucking into a fattening meal at a restaurant, make date night a 5K run, an upbeat salsa lesson, a singles tennis game or an evening workout at the gym. You’ll be surprised what a great bonding experience it is to be “getting healthier together.” Some of the happiest couples on earth are gym buddies – or at least have a joint physical activity that they both enjoy, and can do together.

4. Set an example

Encourage your man to get in shape by getting in shape yourself. When he sees you flushed with health from your daily workout, or choosing water while he’s on his second beer, or dropping a waist size, it’s going to occur to him that the two of you are on different paths. Chances are he’ll get the message and want to switch tracks! Better yet, be competitive – tell him you want to do a four-week weight-loss challenge with him. Guys love a challenge.

5. Focus on the future

In a quiet moment, share your concerns about living a long, healthy life. Tell him how important it is to you to avoid diseases like Type II diabetes or high blood pressure, and how determined you are to do everything you can to maintain your robust good health and to stay active for as long as you can. Believe me, he’ll get the message that you’re not just talking about yourself – you’re talking about him.

6. Encourage him

Tell him he looks leaner after a couple of workouts, or a week on a low-carb diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re stretching the truth. We all need positive reinforcement to stay committed, and praising him for his efforts, and letting him know you’re noticing, is a confidence booster. Just don’t overdo it, or it’ll seem fake!

7. Make a doctor’s appointment for him

Countless guys are way overdue for a checkup, and for any fitness regimen a doctor’s visit should be a preliminary. If your man has promised to get an appointment on the books but hasn’t yet – do it for him. He might be annoyed, but he’ll probably end up being grateful.

At the end of the day, you are not responsible for making someone else healthier – ultimately, he’s responsible for his own well-being, as we all are. Plus, badgering and nagging are things no one wants to do. However, support comes in many ways, and these small, understated techniques for contributing ever so slightly to your loved one’s good health can be powerful and effective.

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