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November 29, 2018

4 tips to help you get your car ready for winter

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‘Tis the season of snow, ice and unpredictable driving conditions, so making sure your car is ready for whatever Jack Frost throws at it is important. Whether you love or loathe winter, there’s no denying that it’s officially upon us — and getting your car winter-ready can help you stay safe on your winter drives. Here are four tips from the car experts at Thompson Lexus Willow Grove on how to get your car ready for winter—and whatever Mother Nature may bring this season.

1. Get your oil changed with winter-friendly oil

Because oil thickens as the temperature drops outside, if you change your oil with the wrong type of oil, it won’t lubricate your engine effectively. To find out which oil your car needs for the winter temps, check your owner’s manual. Once you know, don’t procrastinate with changing it—the next snowfall may be here before you know it!

2. Do what you can to enhance vision

There’s nothing worse than driving in precipitous conditions and not being able to see out of your windshield. If you haven’t had your windshield wipers changed in about a year, then this is the perfect time to replace them. To ensure your windshield stays clear all winter long, you’re also going to want to make sure your heater and defrosting systems are working properly. Lastly, be sure to top off your windshield washer reservoir with windshield washer fluid so you can clean your windshield effectively.

3. Give your battery some lovin’

Sure, some people will be willing stop in the middle of a blizzard to jump-start your car, but why not just avoid that altogether? To prevent this, make sure your car battery is corrosion-free and has all the water it needs to operate. If your battery is pushing the three-year mark, bring it to a certified repair shop so they can tell you how well it’s able to hold a charge—you’ll be happy you did when you make it through a blizzard safe and sound without any battery hiccups.

4. Check the pressure of all four tires

Between ice, snow and slush, getting traction on the road during the winter is hard enough as it is, but making sure your tires are all properly inflated can help. Because tires can typically lose air as soon as the weather drops, check your tire’s air pressure sooner rather than later (and stay on top of it all winter long). If you notice the treads are worn down, buying new tires should be a priority—not only will this help with traction, but it will also increase your car’s stopping performance (a plus in slippery conditions!).

Winter may be beautiful, but driving through snow storms and on icy roads is scary. At Thompson Lexus Willow Grove, we want to make sure you can drive safely all winter—and year—long. Not sure if your car is ready for the winter? Contact us today to set up a full-service appointment with one our service experts!