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June 18, 2015

A-Treat: There was never a deal with Eifler

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A-Treat soda was set to be back with a new owner, but the alleged deal has fallen through.

A-Treat soda lovers have been put on an emotional roller coaster, first with news that the company was closing and then with a hopeful deal with a new owner that later fell through.

Now, A-Treat says there was never an agreement with potential buyer Paul Eifler, WFMZ reports.

Earlier this month, David Saba, with Lehigh Mining and Navigation, which represents Eifler, told WFMZ that A-Treat stopped communication with Eifler and refused to sign any paperwork after a previous verbal agreement.

A-Treat's president, Thomas Garvey, says no agreement was entered into between Eifler and A-Treat.  He says he did receive a "non-binding" Memorandum of Understanding from Eifler's attorney on April 25th but he says the terms of that agreement were different from what they had verbally agreed to. 

A-Treat is also denying Eifler's claim that he tried to present the company with a checkHowever, Garvey believes there is still a viable purchaser for A-Treat. 

The soda company closed in January.