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October 01, 2015

Additional perjury charge filed against Kathleen Kane

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was charged with an additional count of perjury Thursday, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office said.

The release states that newly discovered evidence shows that Kane "lied in sworn testimony before the Thirty-Fifth Statewide Investigating Grand Jury when she repeatedly claimed that she was never sworn to secrecy for Investigating Grand Jury #29." 

According to the district attorney, detectives seized evidence last month while executing a search warrant indicating that Kane lied about being sworn to secrecy. Among the items seized was the Secrecy Oathsigned by Kane on her second day in office, swearing her to secrecy for statewide investigating Grand Jury numbers one through 32, the release states.

In addition, [the release states] Montgomery County detectives recovered notary records from the Attorney Generals Office proving that Defendant Kane signed this Secrecy Oath,along with similar secrecy oaths for all then-current investigating Grand Juries, on January 17, 2013.

In August, Kane was charged with obstruction of justice, perjury and other crimes for allegedly leaking information from a secret investigation to a Philadelphia newspaper. 

In an issued disciplinary order last month, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously decided to temporarily suspend her license to practice law.