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September 25, 2015

AG Kathleen Kane fears suspension may halt plans for re-election

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said Thursday that she fears her license suspension will end her plans for re-election, according to an Associated Press report on

In an issued disciplinary order Monday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously decided to temporarily suspend Kane's license to practice law.

"This order should not be construed as removing [Kane] from elected office and is limited to the temporary suspension of her license to practice law," the court said in its order.

Kane's office issued a statement following the order, stating that she was "disappointed" in the decision but was "grateful that the court recognized my constitutional rights both as a democratically elected official and as a citizen of the Commonwealth."

Kane told The Associated Press she hopes her suspension will be lifted by the April primary, and she is currently making plans to seek re-election.

"I believe you have to be a lawyer in good standing to be able to run," Kane told The Associated Press.

She faces charges including obstruction and perjury.