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June 25, 2015

Atlantic City announces new tram car message to debut Fourth of July weekend

Jersey Shore Boardwalk
Tram Car Atlantic City Jitney Association/Twitter

Electric trams are now offering rides on the A.C. Boardwalk.

After the iconic phrase "Watch the tram car, please" caused a quarrel between Wildwood and Atlantic City earlier this month, a new message has been announced for the trams on Atlantic City's boardwalk, NBC10 reports. 

Wildwood claimed that Atlantic City, which debuted an electric tram car service on its boardwalk in March, was using its famous saying.

"Please step aside, or take a ride" is the new message people will hear in Atlantic City when tram cars are approaching.

The new phrase is the result of a weeklong naming contest created by Eddie Davis, host of the Lite Rock Morning Show on 96.9 WFPG in Atlantic City.

Debbie Kintish-Reeves, from Ventnor Heights, Atlantic County, won the $1,000 prize with her winning entry. Davis announced the winning phrase during Thursday morning's broadcast.

The new message will debut on Atlantic City trams during Fourth of July weekend.